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Does #1 plug fire? Can you hear the injector clicking (use a long bar held to your ear) like the other injectors. Check fuel pressure, check compression...

My truck ran perfectly but had a #4 misfire code with MIL light on. I decided to park it and fix it since the light began flashing, meaning possible catalytic damage could occur if continue.

I changed a bad vacuum tube under BPT, cleaned a clogged EGR valve to BPT tube, replaced EGR, and most importantly cleaned 1/4" EGR ports in the intake manifold through the 6 Allen key plugs on the manifold. Two 10mm and four 8mm. - Thanks to a Nissan parts guy for the port info.

p.s. use a good quality Allen key socket and a 1/2 breaker bar. daas-in-der-tight!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:55:22
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Q: What could be causing 96 Nissan truck 2.4L to have a misfire on cylinder 1 you have checked the wires and replace the plugs also you have replaceed the distributor and have checked the fuel and emisso?
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Something has gotten water on or in it, and is causing a misfire. You need to find what is wet and dry or replace it. The plug wires, coil , distributor cap are all places that could hold the problem. If you have the code checked it should show which cylinder is the problem.

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have you checked inside the distributor . good luck

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#1 cyl checked with falt metter

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The camshaft position sensor is an intregal part of the distributor, therefore if the CMP sensor is defective the distributor must be replaced. Have it checked out by a qualified mechanic.

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it is one piece with the distributor, was around$600 last i checked

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Turn the engine until the #1 plug is at TDC on the compression stroke. Mark the distributor at that location. Install the new distributor and turn until you are at the exact same location. Have the timing checked after you get it started.

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Take it in to your nearest Autozone and have the starter checked. Before having to push or tow your car, make sure both leads are securely attached to the battery and other wiring; from the alternator to the distributor and distributor cap to spark plugs etc.

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The camshaft position sensor is integral with the distributor. So, have it checked carefully by a professional because, if the sensor is faulty, the distributor must be replaced. That can get ugly expensive real quick.

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