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What could be causing a rattling noise and sway in the rear of a 1995 Toyota Camry?

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2008-04-05 04:43:22

Possibly sway bar bushings. I just replaced mine on my 94 and it

was doing exactly as you describe. They really are not much to

replace. There is a bolt at each end that needs to come off and you

just replace it. I went to the junk yard and picked up two off a

car with low mileage and the bushings were in good shape. Usually

just the back sway bars need replaced. There are two on each side.

Try this, jack up the car and grab the tire at 3:00 and 9:00 (right

and left) and see if the the wheel moves from side to side. Have

someone else do it while you look at the bushing at the end of the

sway bar and you will see it move if its bad. If the sway bar is

good then it will be solid when you try to move the tire from side

to side. The only problem I had when I changed mine was on the

inner end of the sway bar. You have to hold the end of the bolt

while you loosen the nut and the head of the bolt is in a little

like cup and there is not enough room for a socket and rachet and a

wrench would not fit in either. I bent the edge of the gas tank up

slightly till I got a socket in to hold it.

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