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The rocker pivot pin that holds the valve/pushrod rocker in place could be loose. If the shaft it not locked in place, it can turn in the hole. this will cause a high pitched squeak. The shaft can NOT fall out, there is not enough room. I do not know if that is the problem. I did experience this with a 1989 sporty If you are mechanically inclined: Deturmine which cylinder is making the noise. Remove rocker box cover only. (Four 1/4-20 cap screws) slide cover to one side or the other and see if there is discoloration the the area around the pivot pin. If the parts are blueish in color, that would be the area of interest.

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Q: What could be causing a very high pitch squeak like metal on metal rubbing coming from the engine of your 1994 Harley Sportster It only makes the sound at higher RPM's and not usually while idling?
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