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another clog, further down the drain pipe. You need a drain snake.

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Can kitchen paper towels clog toilet drain?


Why does the kitchen sink drain and all other drains clog?

It could be bad plumbing, ie. pipes with insufficiant fall on them slowing the flow and causing the second most common cause, grease, to build up in the pipes. Rodding with a drain spring may remove any blockage along with very hot water or a proprietory drain cleaning solution.

What is a drum trap?

A drum trap is a plumping part used to help filter food or other debris that could go down the kitchen sink. It helps to not clog up the sink drain.

Causes of a washer not draining.?

There are several things that could be causing a washer not to drain. The first and most simple explanation would be a clog in the hose. Another reason could be the latch to the lid is not closing tightly and therefore not allowing the washer to spin and drain. It could also be a broken belt or pump.

What is the best way to clean a drain in a kitchen sink?

Buy some Drano. Follow the directions on the bottle. If that doesn't help, it may be best to call a plumber to see if something is wrong. There could be a major clog.

Does styrofoam clog drain or pump in dishwashers?

Yes, it can break up and clog both.

Why are hydroxides used in drain openers like Drano?

Wow i had this same exact question in my chemistry lab book at Los Al. Hydroxides are caustic, causing them to eat away what is in the drain. Also, hydroxide compounds are usually very slippery, causing the clog to slip down.

Why won't your shower drain?

Probably a hair clog. Snake it or use a drain cleaner.

What could cause the hot water pressure in the kitchen and the showers to drop off dramatically?

I have seen hot water pipes clog up where it screws into hot water heater check pressure at hot water drain valve on heater and see if it is alot higher pressure than another faucet in the house.if it is check for clog in pipe.

What would make a drain drain slow when there is no clog?

Lack of proper venting is a common problem.

What causes water and dirt to come up through the tub drain?

You have a minor clog downstream in the drain.

Are coffee grounds bad for your drain?

then can clog the drain if you do it frequently and with large amounts, but if you using a reusable filter and just rinsing the remainder after putting the bulk in the garbage its very unlikely to cause a clog.

Why is water leeking inside car1.8 golf?

your a/c water drainage hose might be clog causing water to go inside,check a/c drain hose on the bottom of the car

Unclog Your Sink With A Plumbing Snake?

Clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom can prove to be a problem. After you have tried liquid drain cleaners with no luck, try a plumbing snake. The snake is inserted into the drain and goes only a certain depth. If there is any kind of clog into the drain, it will either push it through the plumbing system or you can pull the clog out with the snake. Make sure that you are using the end of the plumbing snake that has the small hook on the end so you can easily pull anything out of the drain that may be stuck in it.

How do you unclog ac drain on 2000 eclipse?

Place the car on a jack stand. Use a wise to make a hook. You will use it to grab any clog in the drain. Check under the engine to find the drain tube. Use the wire to remove the clog. Pour water through the tube after removing the clog. Connect the tube to the engine.

What is the best liquid drain cleaner?

The best liquid drain cleaner is Drano Max Gel clog dissolver.

What effect does oil have on plants?

Oil can clog up the plant cells causing them to die - or close to death Oil can clog up the plant cells causing them to die - or close to death

What would u recommend to unclog a plumbing drain?

You didnt specify where the clog is located. So, if you are referring to a bathroom sink clog, Liquid Drano really works well for me. For a toilet, most clogs can be removed with the use of a plunger. But if this is a drain in a utility closet, then you may have to contract a professional plumber who a access to device know as a Drain Snake to breakthrough the clog for you.

How do I unclog my sewer line?

A clogged sewer drain can be unclogged by either using a mechanical solution, or by using a chemical solution. The mechanical solution involves using a drain snake, which is inserted in the drain and twisted until the clog is removed. The chemical way involves pouring the mixture into the drain and dissolving the clog.

Drain Clog & Blockage Clearing?

form_title=Drain Clog & Blockage Clearing form_header=8103 Please describe this location.*= () Home/Residence () Business Please choose the problems you are having with your drain?*= [] Will not drain [] Drains slowly [] Garage or basement drain is backed up [] Sewer smells in the house [] Other Is this need emergency in nature?*= () No () Yes

How does a drain cleaning snake work?

A drain snake is a device used to unclog drains. A drain snake has a long, flexible metal cable, with a corkskrew auger or blades attached to the end, and is rotated in a downward spiral into a drain until it reaches a clog, then the corkscrew auger ideally displaces the clog as if "chewing" away at it.

What do you pour into a drain to unclog it?

You should use a plumbing snake to clear a clog.

Why does your kitchen sink burp?

That is probably the sound of water draining through a clog.

What happens to A plumbing waste pipe that slopes too much?

Waste water will run away too quickly to properly carry away any solids in drain pipe, eventually causing a clog.

What tube can clog during colds causing earaches?

Eustachian tube