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You should check with your doctor. Have you been in an accident or fallen maybe? Sounds like you could have a herniated disk but your doctor would need to diagnose that. In some cases you could just wake up that way. If that is the problem, it won't just go away and the pain may just keep getting worse. Sounds like it's stress related and you are having muscle spasms. When we are under stress our muscles tighten and our shoulder automatically shove upward causing pain in the shoulders and the base of the neck. You could have also slept oddly on your pillow. Humans, while sleeping move many times during sleep. It's still a good idea as the above poster stated to see your doctor. Soak in a hot tub of 1 full cup of Epsom Salts (not like regular salt) and it will help relax the muscles and pull out the soreness. My husband and I use it all the time. Also odorless A535 works wonders on neck pain.

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Q: What could be causing neckbase of skull pain that is not like a crick but like severe muscle achiness sometimes shooting pain that you've had for 1 week and it seems to be getting worse?
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