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What could be causing oil to be all over the bottom of your engine and other parts but not leak onto the ground and still run good?

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September 13, 2011 10:55PM

"oil_leak_?" id="oil_leak_?">oil leak ?

Oil leak can be from valve covers, intake manifold, oil sending

unit or other causes. to find leak start from the top of your

engine and work down. clean your engine and start waching if

cleaned valve covers get oily you have a leak there. replace

gaskets. clean engine again if no more oil, problem solved if more

oil leaks you have more than one leak. if oil is not hitting the

ground then leak is messy but probaly not critical and it is

sometimes best to leave it be as intake or other gasket replacement

on some cars is very expensive .

Unexpected location on 95 s10

I found a sneaky leak coming from the oil cooler hose that

connects from the oil filter housing to the radiator. One of the

metal parts that crimp on to the rubber hose had started leaking,

its location was just under the lower left side radiator. It was a

very slow leak that blew all over the bottom of the engine. Nothing

was leaking on the engine itself, a real mystery. It never leaked

enough to make a mark on driveway or bring the oil level down

between oil changes.

It leaked for a very long time. Finally tried spraying parts

with carb cleaner to cut old oil off to find that hose oozing fresh

oil. Good luck Kevin

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