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This could be a herniated disc and you should get in to see your doctor and have it x-rayed. You cannot palpate a herniated disc the bony structures of the spine prevent this, these are likely benign lipomas and x-rays do not pick up soft tissue abnormalities.

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Q: What could be causing several small soft lumps on your lower back on both sides of your spine?
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Could lumps on lower back be cancerous?

Yes, they could be. How could anyone at a site like this eliminate that possibility? You should get to you medical doctor right away.

What are 2 lumps on the sides of lower back sometimes tender to the touch that radiate intense pain into lower back buttocks The lumps are not fixed size and when the lumps flare up the pain is worse?

to store food and water

What are movable lumps in lower back and not sure if related but an occasional random sharp pain in right buttocks?

It could be back mouse also known as lipoma. I have what feels like several movable lumps just above hip bone. From what I read, don't massage the lumps, as they are lumps of fat full of nerve endings, and will only hurt worse. Massage around them. Also I have fibromyalgia and I think it may be related, so you might want to look into that. Good luck.

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What are the two lumps on your lower back at the top of the pelvis?

They are your pelvis, the top of the bones.

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Go see a doctor if possible. If the lumps are hard and attached to the muscle, I'd get it checked out immediately.

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The only way to diagnose hard lumps on the head is to see a physician. They could be from many different causes.

What could cause two lumps on either side of your skull?

They could have been there from birth and grown larger into adulthood and you never really paid attention to them. I have done a lot of research on this and found nothing on this sort of thing. Think about what you have been doing. If the lumps seem to be on the same spot on each side of your skull then perhaps you are wearing a bike helmet or if you are male, helmets in sports and it's irritating your skull causing the lump. It could also be bony spurs, but this is unlikely. Any lumps should be checked out by your doctor.

Can small lumps cause cancer?

Small lumps of what?If you're talking about small lumps of tissue, the problem is not so much that they might cause cancer as that they might be cancer, and they could possibly spread.

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