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loose connection to the dimmer switch. Check the dimmer switch by dialing off low - hi and back a few times while you have the parking lights on.

Also check for a lose fuse.

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Q: What could be causing the dash lights to flicker dim and die in a 96 Plymouth Voyager when exterior and other interior lights still work?
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Is it possible to disengage the door ajar light and alarm in a 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

i had the same problem i just cut one of the wires leading to the switch that was causing the problem

Resetting trouble codes on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

Codes for a 1998 Plymouth Voyager can be reset, by a diagnostic code scanner, or by disconnecting the battery. If the code is still showing up, after work has been done on the vehicle to fix the code problem, the vehicle may need to go into a car dealership to ensure there are not other problems causing a wrong code to show up.

Plymouth voyager brake lights stay on even when van is off what could be causing this?

check for a bad or misadjusted stop light switch at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

Why is your light on 2001 Jeep Wrangler?

If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.

Is there a fuse problem or what with the 1991 Plymouth Voyager horn when the relay clicks but horn does not sound?

It is important to know what is causing problems in a car. When the horn relay clicks, but the horn does not sound, it is not a fuse but more likely to be the cars clock spring.

What is causing your VW bug to leak water into the interior?


Why would the oil and battery light come on and the steering become very stiff while driving a Plymouth Grand Voyager in a major storm?

water will splash on the belts [power steering, alternator, etc.], causing them to slip, as if greasy, not turning the pulleys. get new belts.

How many speed sensors are on the 93 Plymouth voyager and how are they changed. The van won't shift causing the engine to run full open?

they are 2 sensors on front of transmission look down on drivers side of van and you can see them it is probally the top one that is bad i had the same problem

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Your 2000 Plymouth neon is leaking fluid out of the blower fan what can be causing it?

Probable failed heater core.

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