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What could be causing water to leak into the floorboard of a car in the front and rear passenger side but not under the seat?


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2005-01-15 21:07:19
2005-01-15 21:07:19

definatly the heater core


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you will have coolant in your passenger front floorboard and when you turn your heater on your windshield will fog up

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I would check my passenger door seal, the windshield seal, and also the drainage for the grills in the area in front of the windshield.

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The most likely culprit is the heater core.. its usually located under the dash on the passenger side.. if it starts leaking you will have water on the passenger side floorboard.. also the radiator fluid will be low.. Another possibility is the drain from the ac is clogged... alowing condenced water from the ac process to dump in the passenger side floorboard.. the heater core and the ac drain are located in the same area...

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your ac might be clogged or your draining hose is clogged. its in that area

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