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fibroids This is difficult to answer. Most periods problems are caused by pregnancy, fertility problems, PCOS or a hormonal imbalance. See your doctor.


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You could be pregnant. Or your body could just be changing causing your period to be missed.

If you are having pain 20 days after your period this could be ovulation. It could also be an ovarian cyst causing you pain.

It's important to go and see your doctor or gynaecologist. That sounds like it could be some kind of infection. The infection could also be causing you not to have your period.

This could be pregnancy related but its most likely due to missing the pill. Missing pills causing your period to arrive earlier.

Abdominal cramping can be felt 2 + weeks after conception. But it could also be nerves, stress or a approaching period causing the cramping.

stress It very well could be a disease. If someone hasn't had their period in 6 months you should get it checked out if you weren't pregnant.

If you are experiencing leg numbness for a prolonged period of time you should speak to your doctor. You could be having issues with your nerves and the doctor should be notified of this.

until you find out if its hormonal and start taking something for it than you will not have your period again. you must ovulate in order to have one. get to a gyn and find out what could be causing this.

Definitely go see a doctor ... Your period should never last that long and that could be the result of several different problems. For example, excessive stress might be causing this.

If a calliper is "hanging", it could be causing the brake pads to press against the rotor and overheat the brakes. You may want to see if the calliper is dragging.

Well. Your period is usually late if you are preggers. I think that your period could just be off track. Maybe take a pregnancy test, and if it goes on I would see your gyno.

Wow short period,Well you could be pregnant b/c sometimes during pregnancy women sometime release blood but think its there period but it always quite short and not heavy at all.But it could be just stress that causing it but if you miss this months period take a pregnancy test for sure

Mild bacterial vaginosis is not likely to affect your period. If your symptoms are causing pelvic pain, it may affect your period.

I guess that could count as a period

Is the guy inside your uterus causing you to bleed?

every month your uterus "prepares" for pregnancy causing what would be the placenta to form in it for the baby. when no fertalized egg implants, hormones shift causing this lining to shed-menses, or your period.

If you have period symptoms but no period it could mean you are close to starting or you can just have a tummy ache or some times it could mean you have appendicitis

It has to do with a hormonal thing. Whenyou have your period your hormones are out of whack, causing cold sores

Narcotics can affect your period, usually by causing absent periods related to elevated prolactin levels in the brain.

First guess would be low on refrigerant, causing the compressor to quit running after a short period. Could also be a buildup of pressure in the system, causing the system to shut down. Also possible that the fan clutch or some assembly on the compressor only works for a short period. . .

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