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What could be going on if your boyfriend will not allow you to meet his son even though you have been together six years?



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He's either hiding something from you (number of kids he really has, age of this child) or he feels that you're not important enough in his life to meet his son. This is a question you should really be asking him and it's a start on good communication skills. I find it odd that after 6 years he still hasn't introduced you to his son. Now, it depends on your mate's age and the age of his son. If his son is in his teens or even twenties often the parent will get flack from one or more of the young adults about "replacing mom." Men are not well noted for confronting such issues and are more comfortable will facing business decisions, so you either have to have a talk with him or tell him to hit the bricks. He's an adult, and if by chance his older children are giving him a problem he should have the guts to stand on his own two feet and back you. Either his kids can like it or lump it. If this child is young I can well see a smart parent taking it slow and easy until they get to know the person they are dating first. However, 6 years is just too much time gone by. I agree with the above poster. He's hiding something or getting flack from his son regarding you. Hon, it's time you sat down and calmly discussed this with your mate. If he refuses to answer it's time to walk away. Why? Because if you can start out in a relationship and be honest and forthright with each other and communicate and get through problems together the best way you can then there is every indication you'll have a strong relationship, but if this doesn't happen then no true relationship will ever blossom between you.