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He's either hiding something from you (number of kids he really has, age of this child) or he feels that you're not important enough in his life to meet his son. This is a question you should really be asking him and it's a start on good communication skills. I find it odd that after 6 years he still hasn't introduced you to his son. Now, it depends on your mate's age and the age of his son. If his son is in his teens or even twenties often the parent will get flack from one or more of the young adults about "replacing mom." Men are not well noted for confronting such issues and are more comfortable will facing business decisions, so you either have to have a talk with him or tell him to hit the bricks. He's an adult, and if by chance his older children are giving him a problem he should have the guts to stand on his own two feet and back you. Either his kids can like it or lump it. If this child is young I can well see a smart parent taking it slow and easy until they get to know the person they are dating first. However, 6 years is just too much time gone by. I agree with the above poster. He's hiding something or getting flack from his son regarding you. Hon, it's time you sat down and calmly discussed this with your mate. If he refuses to answer it's time to walk away. Why? Because if you can start out in a relationship and be honest and forthright with each other and communicate and get through problems together the best way you can then there is every indication you'll have a strong relationship, but if this doesn't happen then no true relationship will ever blossom between you.

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Should you break up with your boyfriend without a job?

That is really for you to decide. What you could do is talk with them and let them know that they have to be employed for you to have a life together and until then you have to be apart as your not going to support him or allow him to sponge off you. Stand your ground and do what is best for you.

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How do you tell your parents you have your first boyfriend?

Start slow. Ask for their permission to go some place with a friend. if they ask who the friend is, be honest. they then will probably want to meet him before they will allow you to date him.Talk to your parents together with your boyfriend. You could hold hands or kiss in front of them to show them what's up.

What could you get your boyfriend for your 1 month together?

You should make him a card - a thoughtful gift from the heart!

How do you deal with your boyfriend sharing a dog with his ex?

As long as your boyfriend is true to you then there should be no problem with your boyfriend sharing a dog with his ex. When people get pets often the two people (as a couple) get attached to the dog. There is no reason you cannot go with him to pick up the dog and go for walks together. You could sit in the car while he picks the dog up. Perhaps you could suggest getting another dog if they allow pets where he lives now.

How can you get your boyfriend to include you in his life?

Try to find out his interests and become interested in one of them which you could share together.

What is a nice and special birthday gift for your boyfriend?

you could get him a photo frame with a photo of the to of you together on a date or something.

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It would be definitely be recommended, that way he could be aware of this psychotic male that may try attacking him or something. But I think he may be fine though.

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i don't know, ask a priest

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well have you had any sex with your boyfriend or anyone it could be a sign you are pregnant even though that is a very rare chance but it could be

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You have this boyfriend and you like him and all but you also like his friend what do you do?

Well, you could like both, or you could dump your boyfriend and go with his friend. Choose the boy that you think, not what others think, you should go with, follow your heart. just pick the one you think is right for you, it may hurt dumping your boyfriend, but he'll get over it, even though it hurts you, and him. Well, you could like both, or you could dump your boyfriend and go with his friend. Choose the boy that you think, not what others think, you should go with, follow your heart. just pick the one you think is right for you, it may hurt dumping your boyfriend, but he'll get over it, even though it hurts you, and him.

If I am 16 and my boyfriend 26 could we get married?

no because your boyfriend could be send to prison

Why cant i get a boyfriend?

you could get a boyfriend..if you have the traits for one.

What is the name of Keily Willimas' boyfriend?

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How do i have a conversation with my ex we both still love each other and want to be together but i have a boyfriend please don't put tell him how you feel?

Ok, so, you could say, you've enjoyed the time being together before and would still consider it even though you already have a boyfriend... Also, instead of saying how you feel, be more general, say how you BOTH still have a bond or connection, there's still something there... I hope this helps! :)

Should you let your daughter have her boyfriend to stay?

Well If You Can Trust Her ANd Her Boyfriend But For Me I Would Say No Cause They Could Do Anything But Maybe If Shes Like Over 18 I Would Prob Allow It If Not I Wouldnt Cause When They Get Older Their More Mature

Can you choose where you can live at the age of 13 if your mother's boyfriend is abusive?

No, but you can give your opinion. Do you have a father who can file for custody?

What does mean if i had dreamed about my ex boyfriend 's kids happily playing with me?

It could mean your future is with your ex-boyfriend and his kids. You may get back together with him. Or it might also mean, you are ready to have children.

My boyfriend was born with his fingers and toes stuck together you would like to know what the chances are your baby could have the same as his or her dad it don't bother me at all?

get a new boyfriend otherwise your babys gonna be a duck!

What do you say when your boyfriend asks why you choose to be with him?

You tell him the reasons why you like him and depending on how old you two are and how long you've been together he might be asking if or how you think you two could be together forever.

What does the girl say to her boyfriend on the phone?

Anything! If you love him, he's someone you could share anything with (still wise to avoid TMI though)

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Um why you asking me you think I'm smart no! I'm really pretty though and could use a boyfriend<3

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