Pontiac Grand Prix

What could be leaking coolant between the valve cover and intake manifold on the left front since it sits sideways side of 2001 Pontiac grand prix supercharged 3.8 L engine?


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Some bolts pass thru the water jacket so if you don't put sealer on the bolts the coolant can climb up the threads and puddle on the intake. I have removed them one at a time , cleaned the threads and reinstalled them with sealer and this fixed the problem. The dissimilar metals of the aluminum intake manifold and cast iron block have different expansion rates and eventually the lower intake manifold gasket will fail. All the bolts are not accessable without removing the supercharger. These bolts have a specific torque value and tightening sequence. Do the job right and remove the supercharger and intake manifold. Replace the gasket and reinstall the intake manifold using a thread sealer. Torque the bolts to 11 foot pounds and in the proper sequence. Coolant can leak internally into the engine, treat the problem not just the symptom. Hope this helps. "G"