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the fan blows cold air and there is no heat at all, the windshield also foggs up alot from the inside, could the 2 be related?

If you adjust your temp control to the highest degree..then reduce to the lowest, you will open the baffle which is probably stuck..

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Can a plugged up heater hose cause a massive leak from the heater hose connector on a 2000 Ford Windstar The heater stopped working a few months agoand I've already changed the thermostat.?

A blocked heater hose could cause a leak. A stopped up heater core could as well. Or the connector in the Windstar could be cracked.

Could a blown fuse cause the air conditioner in a Lincoln Town Car to stop working?


Your heater is not working on your rover 400 only cold air what can be the cause?

If you are absolutely, positively sure that your coolant level is not low......then your heater core could be plugged. Or the control that turns the coolant flow on/off to the heater isn't working. Make sure the control is working, the flush the radiator. Should cure the problem.

Your heater blows cold in your Lincoln?

COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE sounds like the heater control switch needs replacing.if that doesnt fix it, you need new heater core

When a Car is overheating and the coolant is leaking and heater is not working what could this be?

If you have lost a sufficient amount of coolant this will stop the heater working because there will be no hot water in the heater rad.

Would a broken heater cable cause the air cond not to work also Ford Festiva 1997 GLXi?

Yes it could also cause the A/C to stop working.

Why did your heater stop working in your truck?

There could be multiple reasons why a heater would stop working in a truck. There could be low coolant or a bad fuse to make a heater stop working in a truck. The best way to find out the reason is to take it to a certified auto mechanic.

Mitsubishi legnum heater air-con not working?

If the air conditioner in a Mitsubishi Legnum is not working, there could be a blown fuse. There could also be a loose cable, or a problem with the heater motor.

Why else could the heater not work on a grand marquis if i have checked the radiator and heater core?

You have to be more specific. What is not working?

What might cause a heater to blow cold air in a 1992 Wrangler?

heater core could be rusty and old or line to heater core could be plogged most likely old heater core

Why your heater in 98 Lincoln town car only blow cold air?

Could be the Climate Control Unit or Clogged heater core.

My 1997 Ford Probe GT's heater stopped working?

Check the thermostat, also there could be a heater core issue...

What could cause the heat to stop working in a 1997 old bravada?

If the heat is not working at all it could be your blower motor. If the heat is no longer hot then it could be your heater core, or you could simply be low on coolant. Mine was low for me to find out that I had an intake gasket leak, fixed it and now the heat works great.

What is wrong if the heater in a 1999 Honda Civic doesn't get warm?

could be thermostat or heater fan if you can hear all the speeds on the blower motor working then it could be your thermostat but your heater core might be plugged as well

Why would the Heater AC control switch stop working?

Could be low on freon,

Why does your heater blow only cold air?

Your car could be low on antifreeze or your heater core could be clogged. With my car, it was Heater matrix clogged with radiator sealant. The workshop cleaned it and it's start working fine!

If the heater quit working about six months ago in a 2000 Taurus but the AC still works great could this be the heater coil?

That or the thermostat.

Why is your 1979 El Camino heater not working?

Could be your fuse, blower, heater core,loose ac belt, thermastatt or low coolant.

What could cause the heater or defrost to NOT blow warm or hot in a 1988 Ford Bronco ll?

Blocked heater core, faulty heater valve, disconnected connection to the heater valve.

What can cause white smoke inside your car?

It could be steam from the heater core

Would the water pump cause low heat from heater?

a bad water pump could cause low heat. The heater uses the coolant from the pump to generate heat.

What could cause the blower motor to stop working on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

can be the heater blower motor resistor located in either the ductwork or under hood near blower motor on firewall

What could cause a 1990 Ford Aerostar not to get heat?

Feel of the hoses at the heater core. If one is hot and the other is cold the heater cont balbe is not working. If they are both hot, the mixing door inside is not operating. Make sure you have vacuum going into the cab from the intake.

What would cause a heater to work improperly in a Ford F 150?

Assuming the blower fan is working but it blows cold air, it could be,Faulty temp blend door actuator.Plugged up heater core.Faulty thermostat,Low coolant level,

Heater blowing cold air in 2000 Lincoln ls?

It could be the heater valve which is located under the hood to the passenger side down below the radiator and fan units.

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