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unplug the TPS and see if it goes away if so it may need to be replaced

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Q: What could be the cause of a 1992 Plymouth Colt hitching and skipping even when idling?
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Why would engine that was idling then suddenly die?

water in the fuel can cause an idling motor to sputter and/or die.

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Can bad muffler cause car to shake when idling?

A clogged muffler can.

Can spark plugs cause car to shake?

Yes, when idling and driving.

What would cause your 1990 300zx idle rough?

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

Car shakes and loses power when idling?

If a car shakes and loses power when idling it can be the spark plug. If a spark plug is fouling, it can cause power losses.

What causes my jeep to stall while idling?

There are several things that can cause your Jeep to stall while idling. The timing may be off or your fuel filter may be clogged.

What are the symptoms of failing throttle position sensor in Mitsubishi Mirage Car will not idle when warm.?

A failing throttle position sensor will cause idling problems when the car is warm. The failing sensor can also cause the car to stall when idling.

Will spark plug gap causes a RPM gauge to go up and down while idling?

The spark plug gap can cause the RPMs to fluctuate, while idling. The more probable cause of the fluctuating RPMs is a bad camshaft.

What would cause an 87 Buick Century to shutoff when idling?

old fuel filter

What can cause shaky steering wheel and front end while idling?

Engine miss.

Would the egr valve cause the car to turn off when idling?

Yes, it could.

Will a catalytic converter cause car to shut off while idling?

No, very doubtful.

What would cause the 92 Ford Aerostar to stall while idling?

The most likely cause of a 1992 Ford Aerostar stalling while idling is bad spark plugs. The plugs should be changed and the timing checked to resolve the problem.

Does the idler pulley cause rough idling?

No. The idler pulley only maintains tension on the serpentine belt. A faulty idler pulley can cause noise and a loose tensioner arm can cause belt slipping but other than having a similar name, it has nothing in common with engine idling.

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Can a bad camshaft sensor cause a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe to die while idling?


What would cause a car to overheat when idling?

The radiator cooling fan is most likely not working.

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What can be the cause while driving and when the car comes to a stop the engine revs for a few seconds and goes back to normal idling mode its a Opel Corsa classic 1400.?

It is the idling sensor on top of the intake

Would the spark control modulator cause a vehicle to stop running when idling and not start back up?


What causes squealing when an aircompressor is running or idling?

A worn or loose out of adjustment drive belt could be the cause.