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Hi, Causes of vagina discharge while taking Birth Control are: * Implantation bleeding. * Withdrawal bleed from missing one or more pills. * urinary tract infection. * Pregnancy.

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Q: What could be the cause of brown discharge during the second week of taking birth control pills?
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Can you get pregnant during second month of birth control?

You can always get pregnant while using birth control, but after the first week of taking the pill, if you're using it correctly, you have the full protection from the pill.

You were on birth control for one pack and on the second pack you started taking it at the wrong time you took the second pack for 9 days and had unprotected sex during those 9 days Could you get preg?

No, birth control works, even at other times.

Is there any harm in skipping your period for a month by taking your birth control non stop for 2 months with no skipped week?

There is no harm in taking the birth control pill continuously to skip a period. You may have spotting during the second cycle. You will not increase your risk of pregnancy.

When can you start taking birth control during the month?

You start taking birth control pills the first Sunday after your period ends, but Its always best to consult your Dr.

What are the side effects of taking microgest200 intra vaginally during pregnanacy 1 month?

The main side effects from vaginal progesterone during pregnancy is increased vaginal discharge.

Can you start taking Allopurinol during a gout flare?

taking this can actually cause a flare up before your levels are under control

If you are taking birth control correctly are you protected the whole month even during your period?


How do you control what is used during battle in Mafia Wars?

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Sometimes a crackling sound is heard while taking off a sweater during winters Explain?

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After not taking you depo shot can you have some yellowish-brownish discharge?

Yes after the due date I had brown blood discharge.

Is it possible for birth control to mess up your body so that you can't have a period after taking it?

Birth control WILL give you a period providing you havent missed any pills and stop taking the control pills during the 7 day break.

How long after you stop taking birth control do the symptoms last?

Birth control remains in your system for 3 months. You can continue to have symptoms during this time.

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