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I had the same problem happen to my 1995 Nissan Maxima. when i twas put on the machine at the dealership, allegedly, it could be a bad airbag control sending unit. cheapest i found the part (once) was 115 dollars. from the dealer it's 800-1150. .

I just had this same problem and it was the Alternator.

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Q: What could be the cause of my air bag indicator light flashing?
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Why would the left turn signal indicator stop flashing and indicator light?

You have a turn signal light-bulb out .

Can you drive car with flashing check engine light?

It is not recommended. A flashing flashing check engine light is an indicator of a catalytic converter damaging misfire.

What could be wrong if when your indicator is on and the brakes are applied the fog light starts flashing?

Bad ground, usually at the rear lights.

What does it mean when the hold light starts flashing on a 1994 Mazda mpv?

The hold light is a warning indicator. Essentially, the flashing indicates that there is an electrical problem with the transmission.

What does it mean when a smoke alarm flashes?

If you speak of the indicator light on a smoke alarm flashing - it is due to a low battery. Replace the battery and the light will cease flashing.

Why is your 2004 Subaru Forester Cruise Indicator Light Flashing?

1. You have a problem with the cruise control. or 2. If your check engine light is also on, get the code read, cancel the light and the cruise indicator light will probably quit flashing and the cruise will start working again.

Why is your beetle blue light flashing?

The blue light is the high-beam indicator. The only reason I can think of that it would be flashing is the headlight relay isn't latching into the high-beam position.

How does a flashing indicator operate?

There is a relay switch in the circuit which switches the light on & off when you activate the turn signal.

What is the flashing red bell by the clock on the 2005 sienna mean?

It could be not a bell, but seat belt reminder light. See "Indicator symbols on the instrument panel" in the Owners manual.

What does the airbag indicator light flashing mean?

It means your airbag probably will not deploy if you are in an accident. Have it checked out right away.

Why does emergency light indicator keep flashing 2001 Ford Focus even with key off?

THANKS BUT I FOUND ANSWER.................The Engine Immobilizer Indicator Light is supposed to flash continually when your key is removed from the ignition

What is the flashing light top left on dashboard of 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

If it's just a round flashing light that has no indication as to it's meaning, it's probably the Daytime Running Light indicator. It's only on when the headlights are OFF. If it's flashing, it generally means that one of your DRL's has burned out.

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