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chicken pox but try a doctor as a second opinion.

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Q: What could be the cause of red spots on both hands?
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What is causes constant pins and needles in both hands?

The cause of constant pins and needles in both hands could be from an awkward posture that compresses the nerves. Another cause could be a nervous system disorder or nerve damage.

What would cause extreme pain in both hands?

Pain both hands while riding a motoercycle?

Who was in the film 3 idiots could write in both hands?

Chatur can write in both hands

How is the large number of bones in your hands and feet both an advantage and a disadvantage?

they can disadvantage you in spots and an advantage they make you strronger

Why would both upper arm muscles be sore?

exercising both spots. you exercised both spots

Which president was ambidextours?

President James Garfield was ambidextrous. He could write both Greek and Latin at the same time using both hands. Ambidextrous is the ability to write with both hands.

What would cause both arms to feel heavy?

if you carry rocks in both hands, your arms may feel heavier

Why should you wash your hands after sneezing into them?

Your hands will have germs on them. Plus,if you don't wash your hands you could pass your germs to other people and you both would be sick.

What would cause dizziness and tingling fingers on both hands?

Dizziness and tingling in both hands and fingers can be caused by a pinched nerve or the limbs being asleep. It is best to see a doctor if this persists.

Why do both my hands get extremely numb and painful while sleeping?

The most common cause of this would be lying on them while you sleep, twisting them around to unnatural positions, or a combination; any could cause the blood supply to be partially cut off.

What causes white spots on my tongue other than strep throat?

White spots can be caused by both strep throat and tonsillitis, but not usually on your tongue. There are also certain medications that can cause white spots - although I'm not sure which ones. Cancer can also cause white spots on your tongue - but only mouth or throat cancers, and there would be many other signs of that besides just the spots. So, tonsillitis would be your best bet.

Is a giraffe yellow with brown spots or brown with yellow spots?

actually both

Found in leopards and ladybugs?

Spots. Both leopards and ladybugs have spots on their exterior.

How many bones are in both your hands?

They are 54 bones in both of our hands

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e both hands then b both hands then c sharp both hands then a both hands all over again

Who was in the film '3 Idiots' could write with both hands simultaneously?


What could cause pins and needles in both arms?

usually neuropathic

What is the cause of seeing oval prism light in both eyes?

The cause of seeing an oval prism light in both eyes could be a seizure. Alternatively, it could be aphasia. It is best to consult an eye doctor.

What animal lives in the woods and has spots?

The offspring of both the White Tail and Mule deer families both live in the woods and are born with spots.

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Either that or he wants in their pants. Could be both

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How much pounds could the undertaker lift?

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You have pain in your nipples and you are 40 years of age your husband has been fixed for 10 years what could be the cause?

I have pain in both nipples what could be the cause?

Do female ladybugs have spots?

Both male and female ladybugs can have spots. Some of both gender don't have any spots at all. It is very difficult, pretty much impossible for humans to tell the gender.

What can be the cause of small pinkish spots or dots that aren't itching on both forearms hands and feet that lasted for more than two months and no cream was useful?

It could come from insect bites, eczema, allergies (food, drug, detergents etc), infections or diseases (and perhaps other sources too). You need to be examined to determine what it might be. You could try to self diagnose yourself with online symptom checkers, but if you are not trained in medicine it is very easy to get it wrong (because symptoms can be overlooked and there are easily over 500 things that cause rashes).