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What could be the causes for oil pressure reading of 70-75 in 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

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I am in the same boat. This is what you can try: 1. Change your oil and filter ($30-$50), if it doesn't help then: 2 Try some "seafoam" to clean the engine ($12-15), if it doesn't help then: 3. Replace your oil sending unit($90+/-), if it doesn't help then: 4. Replace your oil pump($300 +/-), if it doesn't help then: 5. Replace the engine The prices listed here are jobs performed by a mechanic shop. My XJ started to have high oil pressure reading all of a sudden, I tried step 1-4 with no luck. Took it to 3-4 different Jeep dealerships and got the same answer: Need a new engine, Camshaft bearing broke into pieces and got into the oil gallery. I found rebuilt 242 engine from $1,100 to $1,700, engine only. Good luck to you!

2009-02-17 13:22:10
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What causes the 1999 jeep grand Cherokee to stalls hot or cold winter of summer.?

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