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What could be the early childhood cause of narcissism if the narcissist is a female?

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permissive parents.


Narcissism, in both genders (although there are subtypes usually attributed to males), is essentially a psychological response to low self-esteem. The narcissist develops a coping mechanism (like believing one's accomplishments are greater than they are and feeling entitled to respect and admiration) as a way of dealing with the pain of their own perceived worthlessness. So the real question, then, concerns possible early childhood causes of low self esteem. While some aspects of permissive parenting can be related, it is very common for self esteem issues to arise from some sort of emotional abuse, physical abuse or other trauma. Personality disorders, in general, are rather dramatic, subconscous, psychological responses to abuse or perceived abuse.

Brenda Mayer

ResponseThis is a very intelligent answer given. I am wondering though that in abusive environments parents can also be overly permissive and smothering while at the same time neglecting or abusing the child in other ways. For instance a parent will mete out severe punishment for the slightest personal infraction yet provide no real discipline for the child. Social manners, completeing chores, homework, etc...

I was roomates once with a diagnosed NPD female. I was under the impression her mother was too close to her allowing too many things to pass yet not really there for her to learn right from wrong. I remember she was very upset once because her mother suspected her of lying "yet again". It was a trivial matter but she seemed more upset at having been reminded she was a liar rather the fact she had done something wrong.

She would allways get these guys and people she considered to be inferior to surround her and be "best buds" while she complained and moaned about their ineptness behind their backs. I kept my guard around her but she found a way to stab me in the back and lef t me like an empty carcass. A few months later she hovered around me again and wanted me to be her new roomate because she was tired of being alone and no one at work wanted anyting to do with her etc... . I told her I was fine where i was. She left the room and burst into tears.

I think sometimes when a close parent is overly permissive and "good" to the child that the child secretly resents not being taught right from wrong and looses sense of who he/she is. ....or maybe the mother feels guilty from some past sin and tries to make it up to the child. The child in turn must sense some kind of unatural omnipotence.

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What in childhood might cause narcissism?

In the case of my narcissist friend I believe that the arrival of a severely disabled younger brother when he was only two, which would have resulted in him going from being the centre of his parents world to being effectively ignored, is the root cause of his problems. He is I believe a somatic narcissist, his ego revolves around his sexuality, he craves the attention of women particularly older women and then treats them like dirt once he has them sexually.

Can undiagnosed bad eyesight be the cause of narcissism in a young child?

Highly unlikely for this one. If the child is a narcissist, her behavior would be manipulative and unusual regardless of her eyesight issue.

Can narcissism be caused by child abuse?

No. Research is increasingly proving Narcissism to be genetic. Child abuse can make it worse but can not cause it.

Can you be responsible for your spouse's narcissism?

The short answer is no. Narcissism is not caused in adulthood. There is nothing one adult can do to another adult that will cause something as serious as narcissism. The adult psyche is far too well established and functional to be destroyed in the way one with narcissism has their psych destroyed. For proof just look at all the survivors of the Jewish concentration camps. If any amount of mistreatment could cause narcissism it would surely show up there.

What are the treatments for narcissist?

The bulk of the apparent "research" that has been posted on line saying there is no cure or treatment has been written or influenced by a publicly diagnosed psychopath. Narcissism is Not the same thing as being a psychopath and narcissistic tendencies can be as much a symptom of a bad marriage as it is the cause.

At what age does narcissism begin?

From what I've read, one theory suggests that narcissism usually begins in early adulthood. Some suggest that the onset develops in repsonse to childhood experiences. I don't think anyone knows the EXACT cause. As young children we all have narcissistic tendencies because we can't literally help ourselves but if we continue to be demanding and egotistical as we grow that will create a narcissistic personality

How can you make a narcissist aware of the issue without angering him?

explain to him what a narcissist is, explain that narcissism usually develops at the age of 1 and 2 when a parent becomes weak, like getting him out of the crib when he cries for 3 seconds, when he learns to get away with things early on, he then becomes narcissitic, then say "you may have some of these qualities, if it gets real bad, then tell him, you have some qualities too, as does milions of american's ==Not sure== If that explanation to a narcissist would get any response but anger, exactly what the original questioner is wanting to avoid. I don't believe pointing out what our personal opinions of the cause of narcissism would help. I believe what helps is helping ourselves, victims of the narcissist. Refuse to allow their antics to have any emotional effect on us at all. Ignore their manipulative tendencies because it is a war we cannot win so why get into the battle. The one consistency I have read is to stay away from them. Once you determine you are truly dealing with a narcissist then get far away, if possible. If you allow them to have an affect on you and they see that they are then you are simply be feeding their narcissistic needs and they will continue to use and abuse you.

What causes someone to become a narcissist?

I do not believe that anyone knows the answer to this question. It is probably a combination of Nature and Nurture that causes narcissism. I don't believe there any "instances" which one could point and say "that caused so and so to be a narcissist." Unfortunately, without a known cause, chances are there are no known cures. If you are involved with a narcissist, you only can decide for yourself if you wish to remain involved. The narcissist WILL NOT change and is UNABLE to change. Also, keep in mind that naricssists are advanced, talented manipulators. Tread carefully and protect your emotions when dealing with a narcissist. You will end up with hurt feelings, there is no way around that. In some sense, the narcissist gets a pass. Not necessarily from their negative behavior of course, but a pass none-the-less, because "technically" it isn't their fault they have narcissistic tendencies. Most people can control how they treat others however; the narcissist will repeatedly treat people poorly because the people in their lives allow the mistreatment to continue. In other words, the only way to not be subjected to abuse from a narcissist is to totally and absolutely cut all ties with the narcissist.

What does it mean being A self-aware narcissist?

it could mean that they are aware of the harm they are causing and are actively using and abusing the power of manipulation they have. It seems to be a natural occurance in these personality types and they can do it so well that it few can spot the good ones. It could also point to a narcissist who publicises the fact and pretends to want to help expose others as in case of Sam Vaknin who has websites online and seems to cause more stress and pain by proposing to help educate others to the true nature of narcissism.

Does a bad childhood cause schizophrenia?

Although it was once thought that a bad childhood could cause schizophrenia, the current understanding of schizophrenia is of a primarily neurological disease.

Can a bad childhood cause dementia?

yes it could

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Is there any source of information about narcissism on the internet that does not rely directly or indirectly on Sam Vaknin?

Probably hundreds, but the interested party might wish to try Narcissism; A Genetic Trait, I find Sam Vaknin's writing fascinating. I had already come to the conclusion that my ex was likely a narcissist (with the help of a trusted psychiatrist) BEFORE I discovered Vaknin's book "Malignant Self-Love". It seemed a little frustrating to me that almost all the information on the web seems to thread back to Sam. For awhile I thought it was odd to be reading material about narcissism written by a narcissist(?)He seems to be the expert, however. I believe I understand narcissism fairly well after reading the book, (more than I ever thought I wanted wanted to know!)In fact, my counselor says I need to STOP reading so much.(!!)Fascinating stuff. I found very good information by searching under Social Psychology for narcissism. I get the impression that there just hasn't been very much material published about the disorder. Maybe that's because, other than the termoil they cause for the rest of us, they don't do much damage and they don't ask for help. I read one psychologist who said that even though narcissists don't offer themselves for treatment very often, treating their families and friends is a gold mine.

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Is narcissism a result of nature or nurture?

Some scientists and psychologists believe nature, but due to lack of finite evidence and more evidence for nurture, the most accepted cause is nurture.