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Check to see if you need to replace a fuse. It could also be the turn signal flasher. The flasher is usually a metal round-top, cylinderical object. It is found under the hood or sometimes, near the steering column To view the flasher for your vehicle, visit I found my flasher unit on my 93 lumina apv underneath the glove compartment, on the passenger side.

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Q: What could be the problem if the blinkers do not work?
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What can be wrong if the blinkers do not work?

what can be wrong with the blinkers in a 1994 grand am?

If the blinkers do not work at all in a 1987 Chevy Caprice what could be the problem?

first check fuses then flasher unit if still no joy get out your multitester or take to the shop d.cop

Why do your blinkers not work correctly on your Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Why do the blinkers not work on a 1992 Harley Fatboy Bike

Why don't your blinkers work?

The blinkers don't work because your car needs a new flasher relay.

What is the problem if the blinkers don't work on a 1985 Harley Evolution?

Check bulbs Check flasher Check fuses

What is the law for motorcycles that don't have blinkers?

If the bike came out with blinkers , they have be on the bike and work .

Why do your blinkers work everyonce in a while would it be a bad ground in the circuit?

Usually a bad flasher or problem in steering column

My blinkers on my truck don't work when the lights are on this is for a 1999 suburban what do i do?

so what do i do if my blinkers do not when the lights are on

What causes the Blinkers to stopped working in a 2001 grand am?

There could be numerous problems that may cause this fault. Personally, my blinkers started going out (working sometimes and sometimes not) and what I found out is this...The flasher switch that is located in the dashboard above the radio is faulty. When my blinkers do not work i just tap down on the flasher switch without turning it on and my blinkers work again. Shotty electrical work in this car if ya ask me.

Your brake lights and blinkers stopped working and it is not the fuse What else could be the problem?

Bulbs? Sockets? Steering column switch?

On a 1994 Pontiac grand am the blinkers come on but don't blink. what could be the problem?

i would say maybe a bulb or a flasher

1998 durango blinkers don't work what could it be?

Most likely a bad turn signal flasher

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