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sounds to me as if you have a connection prob with ur batt cables or sum connection problem mabye with a ground?? so replace ur cables first then let me know thanks If all the electric power in the system is gone, including that in the battery, then the battery is discharged. If the battery is new, having had a full charge when installed, then either the alternator is bad, or something is draining the battery other than the alternator. If the alternator is not charging the battery, then the running of the engine is drawing power from the battery. If the battery is found to be discharged after the vehicle has been sitting without having been run, then something in the electrical system which is wired independent of the ignition is either being left 'on', or a short-circuit exists in the electrical system somewhere. Many times, a misadjusted brake light switch will cause this and go unnoticed; after all: The brake lights are on the REAR of the vehicle; and, most people get out of the car and walk away from it toward the FRONT--- never seeing the rear. Other culprits are often found to be add-on components which are wired directly AROUND the key, such as stereo amplifiers. When the key is turned off, these are still 'ON'; and, since the receiver itself quits producing music once the key is turned off, these aren't given a second thought. Other possible causes are misadjusted trunk lights and lights in the glove box. The possibility also exists that the battery is only PERCEIVED to be discharged due to bad connections at the battery terminals, engine ground, oe starter post; or corrosion exists in the main cables to the battery. Usually, when a sizable drain upon the battery exists, a spark is noticed when the cables are hooked up to it as it is installed. If this is the case, leaving the battery hooked up will drain it. If such a condition exists, the problem with the system can be isolated with a test light and a charged battery as follows: Install the charged battery, and only hook up the system positive cable to it. Between the negative terminal of the battery and the system ground cable clamp hook up a test light. If an abnormal drain exists in the system, the test light will be on. At the fuse panel, pull and reinstall each fuse individually one-by-one until the light goes out. If the drain exists on one of these fused circuits, the light will go out once its fuse is pulled. Then, whatever is hooked into that circuit needs to be looked at as a possible culprit. If no pulled fuses are found to extinguish the test light, then a system short-circuit is indicated; and, one of the primary candidates is the alternator. If disconnecting this puts the light out, you've got the answer. Once the problem has been found, the light will go out; and, once the offender is replaced, the light should not light up when things are re-tested. Then, a good, charged battery should hold a charge normally. It is, therefore, always a good idea to have the electrical system checked whenever a new battery is installed.

2006-08-16 08:30:09
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