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What could be the problem if the thermostat on your 1998 Grand Am is always in the red?

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2005-04-22 13:50:43
2005-04-22 13:50:43

If you haven't already ruined the engine, check to see if there is any coolant in the rakiator. DON'T OPEN THE RADIATOR CAP WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT. But when it is cool open it bp pressing down on it very hard and turning it counter clockwise until it is loose. Fill it with coolant and water. Then check the fans to see if they come on when it starts top get hot. Red means stop and I hope that you haven't hurt the engine. I agree with the previous answer of checking your radiator fluid (only when it is COOL!). Driving with the thermostat will blow your engine. If you've checked your fluids and they are at the correct levels, try also having your thermostat checked -- it may be reading incorrectly. If there is nothing wrong with the theromstat and you have adequete fluids in the resevoir, then it could be a loose or improperly attached radiator hose needs to be tightened or replaced. Another alternative is that you may need to replace your entire radiator (though if you've been driving around with the thermostat needle in the red, changes are you'd need to replace your whole engine -- driving around like that causes a lot of damage to the engine components -- melts hoses, belts, burns away oil and other fluids, and puts you at risk for engine fire.)

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