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What could be the problem if the turn signals do not come on but the hazard and regular lights do?


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You probably have a bad turn signal flasher (or relay, as it's called in some cars)


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Try pushing the hazard light switch on steering column repeatedly. I had a strange problem with my hazards once and this fixed it for now. I think my problem was the signals not working though....

Make sure hazard switch is pulled all the way out May be a problem in thw steering column

If the turn signals on a car works but the hazard lights do not there may be a problem with the flasher switch. The flasher is located in the steering column, and a damaged unit can cause the lights to stop working.

1999 Audi a6 quattro, How I fix the problem when the turn signals don't blink, but hazard lights work well?

Your problem very well could be the hazard switch. i have a 1994 honda civic too i found whenever i disconnected the hazard switch from the wiring harness my turn signals brake lights and of course hazards do not work. Maybe replace the hazard switch..

My research to date finds that the turn signals and hazard signals are controlled by a common relay. That relay is behind the hazard relay switch. My 2002 Audi A6 has the same symptoms you describe, and I will be removing the hazard switch to get at the relay for replacement. Good luck.

There are 2 flasher units under the dash. 1 for the turn signals and 1 for the hazard lights. They are round and you need to pull them straight out, then replace them. What I do is I figure out which one works the signals and I replace that one with a heavy duty one, the other can be a regular one. If the lights don't come on but the signals are working it can sometimes be the bulbs, other times it's a short like the other person said.

try replacing all sets of fuses for the hazard and the tail lights.

Flasher relay bad. This is a separate flasher relay from the one controlling the hazard lights.

Your problem is most likely the turn signal relay im having a problem similar to yours but when my signals wont work neither do my hazards

Check the fuses and it may be the flasher relay as they have 2 try turning the hazard lights on and off a few time as you relay may be stuck.

If your 1999 Ford Expedition has turn signals that do not work but hazard lights that do work, it is likely that you have a fuse that is blown. You might also have a wiring issue including exposed wiring.

Hazard lights are used on a vehicle in an emergency. The driver is supposed to turn the lights on the warn others that their car is experiencing some sort of problem.

Check the stoplight switch at the upper end of the brake pedal - common problem

It is the turn switch in the colomn. Replace the switch and the prob will be solved.

I hope you are not driving this vehicle with so many faults? Obviously an electrical system problem. Start with the obvious thing, fuses, then check all the bulbs by removing them and looking at the filament wires and the base to see if they are broken or corroded. Finally check the flasher both regular signals plus the hazard flashers, and replace as needed.

Lights or signals fits this 'fill in the blanks'-type question..

I'll check for a blown fuse(fuse relay box), ground problem, and your bulb.

Probably the Electronic Flasher. These ,when the fail,will allow the Signals and/or hazard lights to work intermittently. The flasher is the same for both the signals and hazards.

It probably has 2 Flasher Relays. One for the hazard lights and one for the turn signals. Replace the turn signal flasher.

Is the hazard lights button not on top of the steering column ? The switch for the hazard lights on my 1995 Ford Explorer is part of the multi functin switch ( turn signals etc. )

hazards and turn signals have separate flashers. replace flasher for turn signals

Sounds like a blown fuse and/or faulty turn signal relay

Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.

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