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Check the U joints on the front driveshaft. Also see if the front differential is in good shape, with no play in the pinion gear input. Beyond that, if you have locking hubs, make sure they're either in or out all the way and the same on both sides.

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Q: What could be the problem if when in 4 wheel drive you hear a repetitive knocking coming from the front end?
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What is the cause of a knocking from the front end of a 2000 Pontiac grand prix when driving at low speeds?

My 2000 Grand Prix would have a low-speed knocking noise coming from the drivers side as the CV axle was failing. The loss of lubrication in the CV Boots allows the joint to make a knocking/tapping sound at a low speed. If the knocking is coming from the engine compartment, then it could be an entirely different problem.

What could be the problem if the check enigne light is on and there is a knocking noise?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

There is a knocking noise in the motor of my 1992 town and country. Could this be the transmission going?

NO. A knocking noise in the engine is a problem in the engine.

Why is your car knocking when you drive - could there be a problem with the suspension?

there could be a problem with the timing of engine (ie) spark knock or bad gas

What would cause a loud knocking noise coming from the engine at 70 mph and make the truck shake very badly?

Having a bad rod bearing could cause a truck to make a loud knocking noise and shake when driving at high speeds. The engine having a coolant leak or an engine timing problem could also cause the knocking noise.

94 s10 over heated and is now knocking and doesn't have any power on the take off and also spuders while at idle?

it sounds like you have a major problem if the engine knocking is coming from the oil pan that could be a rod knocking. that means having to pull engine and spend a lot of money. good luck you may need it.

Where can you find information on fixing a knocking sound when you turn the ignition on or off The knocking is coming from air flow box passenger side under the dash 95 GMC 1500?

check heater blower motor blower wheel could be broken off The knocking comes from an Acctuator that has stripped out in the Hvac case. You Have to replace the acctuator to solve the problem.

What is the knocking noise from the front wheels?

A knocking noise in the front wheels can be a very serious problem. The knocking noise could be caused by bad ball joints. Bad ball joints can slip off the tie rods and cause the wheel assembly to collapse. This problem should be looked at as soon as possible.

You put a jdm h22a engine in your 1992 Honda prelude and now its making a knocking noise what could it be?

There could be a problem with low old causes the pistons to rattle. There could also be a problem with the rocker arm.

What is a repetitive job?

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What could be the problem if your Chevy S-10 is making a knocking noise?

Bad bearing? Bad connecting rod?

What causes a knocking noise from the front of the car when accelerating but stops when braking?

The engines timing could be advanced to much. If it's a front wheel drive a CV joint could be going bad. Knowing a more precise area of where the sound is coming from might help to identify the problem.

Could that knocking noise from the engine and that smoke coming from the muffler have anything to do with the car not starting?

If you have knocking from the engine and smoke from the exhaust then you have far more problems than the car just not starting. Sick professional help immediately.

Knocking coming from Near Side Rear on Renault Megan 1.8 dynamic. What could it be?

rear shock absorbers are a common fault

Where could a knocking be coming from at the rear of my 1991 geo prism. nothing seems to be loose?

I found my noise wasn't something loose. It was the rear strut was bad. Was more of a load squeak that sounded like something knocking.

Pontiac grand am and it is knocking at the back of the motor what could be wrong?

Internal knocking inside the engine is almost always a sign of worn bearings. Crankshsft, or rod bearing would be my guess. The fix, if it is internal, is overhaul. Before opening it up, make sure the knocking is indeed coming from inside the engine.

Is a rapid constant pinging or knocking in engine due to egr problem or what other possibilities?

Check the engine timing first. Pinging or knocking,especially under acceleration could be early detenation caused by advanced timing.

What could be the reason for a 'knocking' noise at low speeds coming from the front end of a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Sounds like your piston or rod. Please see a mechanic for a diagnosis and what it will cost before having the work done.

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Noise coming from engine in Oldsmobile cutlass?

Noise coming from engine in Oldsmobile Cutlass could be as a result of an oil leak in the rear of your engine. This makes the gears to wear off leading to severe knocking noise.

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What could cause knocking on the passenger rear side of a rear wheel drive car?

u knocking on it

What does it mean when your engine has a knocking noise?

When your engine has a knocking noise, it could mean that a rod has been thrown. It could also mean you are low on oil.

How do you know if valves bad on Chevy Camaro?

if youre getting alot of white smoke from your tailpipe and if you hear a knocking noise coming from the top end of the motor could either be a rocker arm or a valve if it is knocking and the valve is bad the knocking will speed up as you accelerate valve are cheap and easy to replace anymore questions email me at

Sound coming from your car wheel?

The sound coming from a wheel could be a brake or wheel bearing problem. Check both as letting the issue continue could damage the vehicle.