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A budy of mine had similar problems and he had a pinched nerve in his lower spine. It was caused by an enlarged disk. * A good source of information can be found at: Sciatica Foundation,

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Q: What could be the problem if you have lower back pain that shoots down to your right knee?
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Lower right quadrant pain?

If you have pain in your lower right quadrant, it may be a digestive issue. It could also be coming from a urinary problem.

What could a swollen left and right lower abdomen be that is tender?

There could be an issue with the pancreas, gallbladder, an intestinal problem. I visit to the doctor is in order.

Having lower back pain and it feels like it shoots through to my lower right side underneath my stomach?

It sounds a lot like sciatica....

What is the cause of pain on your lower right side of your back?

I have problem with my right foot, and the pain is in the right side.

Lying down causes pain in lower right abdominal?

If lying down causes you pain over your lower right abdominal area, you may have something wrong with your appendix. This could also mean there is a problem with an ovary, if you are a woman.

What could the problem be if you have a lower backache but hurts worse on the left side?

Have you given any thought to possible kidney infection? It could be a compressed disk. Mine was on the right side.

Pain lower right side of stomach?

Pain in the lower right side of the stomach could be caused by anything. This pain could be from a bruise or bump for example.

What does it mean if your right leg has sharp pain and a burning feeling?

If you are experiencing sharp pain and a burning condition in your right leg, this could indicate a problem with your lower back. This pain is commonly referred to as sciatica.

Are sharp lower right abdomen pains normal in a early pregnancy?

You should consult your doctor it might be perfectly normal or could be a problem indicating eptopic pregnancy

What is causing lower right hand side abdomen pain and itching?

Lower right hand side abdomen pain and itching could be caused by several things. One item may be a problem with the gall bladder, such as gall stones or gall bladder disease.

What could a small lump on the front right lower side of the neck be?

It could be a problem with your thyroid gland or a lymph node. Another possibility is that it could be a fatty growth called a lipoma. In any case - a physician should be seen.

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