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It could be a belt and it could be either loose or getting coolant on it from a leaking water pump or water splashed from the road. It will just have to be checked out.

tightening the belt is easy, find the tensioner pulley located at the top of the belt routing and loosen the center bolt a little, then turn the Phillips screw that faces upward behind the pulley till the belt is tighter, then tighten the center bolt again there should be a slight bit of slack in the belt the deflection is 5/16" for the alternator, 7/16" for the Power Steering, and 7/16" for the air conditioner. the belts for the last two are adjusted at the unit using eccentric bolts loosen both mounting bolts and rotate unit till desired belt tension is achieved

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Q: What could be the problem if your 1987 Nissan Pathfinder starts squealing after you let your foot off the gas and later starts to squeal during acceleration?
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