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Can be many things. Take the car to an auto parts store and they will scan the ECU for the trouble codes that will help you determine what is wrong.


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If the 1999 Suburban noise is a sort of loud banging noise, the problem could be that the engine have jumped time. Jumping time would cause the noise and jerking in the engine.

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem

i had the same problem with my 02 intrepid it was the idler pulley to the ac belt $19 to fix it.

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

The engine diagram for an intrepid will be in the Dodge intrepid service manual. The manual can be bought through an auto parts, or possibly borrowed from the library.

you should!!! i have a intrepid with a 3.3engine with a 3.5 transmission in it

i have a 1998 ford expedition and i had simaliar to the same problem. does it feel like your loosing power? on my truck it was a misfire on my engine coil i would get that check out

where is the thermostat located on the dodge intrepid 2004

Means that it probably needs a tune-up, take it in and let them put it on the engine machine to find the problem instead of throwing parts at the problem.

Idle speed is automatically controlled by the PCM. It varies from 600 to 1000 rpm. If it is not in that range then it has an electrical problem or a vacuum leak.

A Dodge Intrepid has never been offered with a 4 cylinder engine.

If same size engine, yes.If same size engine, yes.

The voltage regulator on a Dodge Intrepid is inside the engine computer.

Maybe try putting the distributor wire back on and see if the jerking stops.

The thermostat on a 2.7L Dodge Intrepid is under the housing where the lower radiator hose attaches to the engine.

A bad throttle sensor can cause engine jerking and rough running. A test of the computer codes should show if there seems to be a problem with the sensor.

The Dodge Intrepid isn't nescesarily a bad car... The 2.7 engines are the problem. The 2.7 v6 engine is not tolerant of neglect, and the oil changes need to be on time. Also, converting to synthetic oil can prolong the life of your Intrepid. If you are looking to buy an Intrepid I'd suggest looking for the 3.2 v6 or the 3.5 v6. Good Luck!

Where is fuel presure regualtor located on 1997 dodge intrepid 3.5 engine ?

Idle speed is automaticaly controlled by the computer. If idle speed is not correct, the car has a vacuum leak or a sensor problem.

That sounds like problem in the cluster. The high beam indicator is cross wired to the check engine light when it shouldn't be.

A flashing check engine light frequently means that the engine has a cylinder miss firing, the jerking you are feeling is a misfire, you probably just need to get a tune up, which means basically change spark plus and wires, and flush and change all fluids.

Left side of the engine, to the rear of the engine mount.

go to auto zone to get your check engine light codes read. When it blinks that means there is more than one problem. Those codes will most likely help you figure out why your car is trying to die. I have a '98 Intrepid as well and the array of problems it has is amazing. Good luck...

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