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Answer White smoke is usually from burning coolant in the combustion chamber of a cylinder. I would suspect a cylinder head gasket failure. Usually also will have oil and coolant mixed in the oil pan and possibly the radiator.

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Your car is flooded and it wont start and gas is commig out the tailpipe?

Obviously there is no spark occurring. Without spark, the fuel will not ignite. This could be caused by too much fuel in the cylinder and not enough oxygen there for the combustion.

What would be the leading cause if there were gasoline inside the oil pan?

This is an educated quess, but I would think that gasoline got by the piston rings, and washed down the cylinder walls into the oil pan. a cause that comes to mind, would be that at some time the engine got flooded, maybe it was hard starting, and it flooded at some time. anyway the only way from the combustion chamber to the oil pan is to get by the piston rings.

How can you know car is A flooded engine?

Removing the spark plugs and finding the spark plugs soaked with gasoline. Also the engine oil may have a strong odor of gasoline.

What is the cause of a flooded engine?

too much fuel is being pushed into the cylinder from the carb

1988 Jeep Comanche 4cyl 2wd misses and sputters like its flooded or out of time have changed the crankshaft sensor and had no changes?

There are several things that can cause this in your 1988 Jeep. The most common cause is a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator.

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Why is a 1994 s10 pickup not running when the only problem was the firing order and know the order is right?

Maybe the engine got flooded with gasoline in the process and fouled the spark plugs.

How do you dry a flooded engine in a grand am?

It depends on how badly the engine is flooded. If you've solved the original problem you can always pull the plugs, purchase an air gun with a long extension tube, connect it to a compressor and blow each cylinder completely dry. Make sure you mark the sparkplug wires first, so you'll be able to get them back where they were. Or... if it's just moderately flooded you can use some starting fluid to force the engine to start. Ether in the starting fluid is a lot more volatile and will burn when gasoline won't. If it were me, I'd try the starting fluid first and if that doesn't work THEN I'd escalate to compressed air in the cylinders.

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Why is there gasoline in Crankcase on 1981 Goldwing gl 1100?

The only way gas would be able to get into the crankcase is when the engine is off, gas is leaking down thru the carb's and passing thru the rings into the oil. Does the engine run well ? Is there always gas in the oil, or did you have trouble starting the engine and flooded it. If it was flooded once, that would do it. Change oil and filter.

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How do you fix a 1998 Ford Contour that is flooding and won't restart The injectors fire at the same time instead of sequentially?

the injector may be worn off, try replacing the flooded cylinder injector

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