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Your car seems to be getting too much fuel, is it computer controlled?

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Q: What could be the problem if your car gets 7mpg and you replaced fuel filter and the car is blowing black smoke bad?
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Why is your 2004 6 liter diesel blowing lots of black smoke?

Air filter dirty or bad injector

Why are black things blowing out of window air conditioning unit?

Either the a/c is very dirty or the filter is falling apart.............

What does it mean when my lawnmower starts and then dies?

Most common problem is a dirty/clogged fuel filter restricting a good flow of fuel to the engine. Otherwise, the carburetor needs adjustment. Or, if the engine is blowing black smoke before it dies, check the spark plug and the air filter, or a too rich mixture from the carburetor.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2000 Ford F250 diesel and how is it replaced?

the fuel filter is located right on top of engine. there is a big aluminum cylander with a black cap on it, you have to unscrew the cap to remove filter.

Why is a 1991 ford explorer running rich you smell gas and black exhaust is coming out?

If you have black smoke coming out it would be because you have bad timings, i have a buddy who had that happen to his jeep and we replaced the spark plugs and air filter and fixed the timing and it solved the problem, but wen you blow black smoke its because of bad timing it happens with diesels to.

What is wrong with your Ford F-350 when it is blowing black smoke and it wont start?

Blowing black smoke is indicative of an oil leak in the engine.

Chevy Beretta blowing out black smoke?

i had this problem recently i cleaned the egr valve and changed the maf senor the gas and air mixture is off the gas is burning rich

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1986 Ford Econoline v6. Put new ignition module plug wires fuel filter and plugs. It ran fine for a couple days then started bogging and blowing black smoke and the new plugs have black dust on the?

Black smoke is an indication that it is running too rich. The carburetor needs adjusting.

How do you replace fuel filter for 2002 C240 Mercedes Benz?

The fuel filter is located under the car in the rear, right in front of the left rear tire I believe. should have a black plastic cover over it. Remove the plastic cover to gain access to the fuel filter. the filter should have 4 hoses going into it, 3 of which have clamps. If the filter has never been replaced before it will have the factory clamp style ones, and if it has been replaced, it should have the screw style clamp. Good idea to clamp off the fuel lines before removing the hose clamps so you dont get soaked in fuel. Remove the hose clamps and hoses off the fuel filter and remove the filter from the black plastic clamp. Install in reverse order.

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What would make a 94 Chevy s10 pickup start flooding out and blowing black smoke when you accelerate?

Bad engine coolant sensor. Bad fuel injector. Plugged air filter.

My laptop turns on but you can't see anything on the screen it is totally black What is the problem. What can I do?

This is most likely to be caused by the screen backlight not working - you need to get the backlight or inverter replaced.

I found the oil filter on my 2009 Santa Fe but is that round black top part of the filter or is the filter under that cap?

The part that is visible (round black part) is the oil filter cartridge. Remove the cartridge and replace the paper filter and BOTH o-rings.

How do i stop my 7.3l from blowing black smoke?

You can stop your 7.3L from blowing black smoke by verifying that it is burning fuel cleanly and make sure the fuel mix is not too rich. You can also verify that it is not burning any oil.

Why has Detroit engine lost power after blowing black smoke?

loss of power after,or with black smoke , indicates the turbo has quit.

Why is my 1999 dodge ram blowing black smoke?

Black smoke is a symptom of an overly rich fuel/air mixture.

Why does my 95 grand am blowing black smoke and run bad until my service engine light comes on?

Not running on all cylinders - bad spark plug? bad coil? Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

1994 ford e150 runs rich can not communicate with ecm?

I had the same Problem, blowing black smoke and getting only about 6 mpg. try the fuel regulator valve.Now i get 14 mpg, and no smoke whatsoever.

Stopping white smoke?

There are 2 different types of smoke,white or black/purple-ish. White smoke indicates a problem with the water. Black/purple-ish indicates an oil problem. In your case with white smoke check the water and on rare occasions changing the air filter helps too.

Blower motor only runs on high where is the fan relay switch on your 03 silverado?

resistor needs to be replaced it is under the glove box by the cabin filter remove the black round box you will see it

Landrover freelander td4 auto diesel engine holds back and blows black smoke why?

Taking into consideration that I have spent a lot of time and effort on my TD4 it could be the crankcase vent filter that needs to be replaced or a leak in the intercooler pipes, mine had the same problem and now eventually the Turbo died a sudden death after 370000 km !

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How do you replace the cabin air filter on a 2004 Monte Carlo?

Open hood you will see a push pin clip on right side of cowl remove pin and pick up black vent panel on windshield under wiper blade cabin filter can be replaced just pull up and out.

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