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What could be the problem if your car will not start after running on a brand new battery after a month?


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2004-11-15 22:04:22
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The alternator probably isn't putting out properly. Go to AutoZone and have them check the alternator. If the new battery went completely dead, and you know the alternator is good, the culprit could be a "slow draw". This would be caused by a trunk light that stays on when the trunk is closed, a vanity mirror light, glove compartment light, console light; something that you assume goes out when it's closed, but doesn't. Check all of your courtesy light switches in these places to make sure they make proper contact. A glove compartment or console door that doesn't close properly could be the culprit. Until you find the problem, disconnect your battery when you're in for the night! If you can't resolve it on your own, find a shop that has a low amps probe. It'll determine where the draw is coming from.

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If the battery meter in the car is running low, you probably have a bad alternator or a shorted cell in the battery. There are other possibilities, but these are the most likely. The regulator fuse could be blown, but that usually means a bad alternator.

Should give more info. Did they come on at the same time or days apart? Could you have 2 problems not just one? If they both came on together you could have a wiring problem. If it has a sensor for the light in the master cylinder it could just be low on fluid, bad sensor or damaged wiring to sensor. Have you checked the output of the alternator with a digital multimeter? Check it at the alternator first, should be 13-14 volts while running. You can check it at the battery also, again should be 13-14 volts while running.

Probably need a new alternator, or you battery cables or conectors could be bad If the battery is connected to your vehicle and it is not maintaining charge while the vehicle is running then it is more than likely your alternator that is out. If the battery does not have juice and is brand new then it is defective. I have also heard that if you place a car battery directly on concrete for a long period of time it will ruin. Always put a battery on a wood or a metal surface when storing.

Could be a bad battery Check the chatging system with a voltmeter--a fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running With engine running reading should be approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

Check charging system with a voltmeter: Fully charged 12.8 without engine running 13.8-14.2 with engine running

Age of battery Battery will not hold a charge (check with a volt meter) A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts (without engine running) If charging system is working properly reading should increase to approx. 13.8-14.2 with engine running. If voltage does not increase with engine running could be a problem with charging system of battery is defective and will not take or hold a charge

Your car battery could be running low so what you could do is get jumpleeds and get an other and jumpwire it

The alternator is probably over-charging the battery. Replace the alternator if the voltage at the battery terminals is over 15V when the engine is running.

If the alternator is installed incorrectly, yes, it can drain the battery.

Assuming the new battery is good! The usual problem why a battery is not charging is the alternator. The battery will be discharged if the alternator is not working properly when you start the engine and when the engine is running, etc. The vehicle uses the batteries electricity instead of the alternators electrical output, and of course if the battery is not being replenished by the alternator the battery will fail in a short period of time. You should test the alternator to see if it is putting out between 12 and 15 volts. Another possible things that could be the problem with a New battery failing so quick is, maybe the proper amount of acid was not put into the battery, a short in the wiring, etc.

If its an old battery the cells could be dried up, meaning there is not enough battery acid in it, or if you leave your lights on, or a bad alternator could be causing the battery to not charge while the car is running.

replace the battery . it could be your battery is not genuine one . :)

Possibly. Under some circumstances it could cause the battery to short out. If the engine has been running hot for long periods, the heat could damage the battery too. It might also be that the engine has internal damage and the starter is having a problem turning it over.

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

It could be because its running out of battery

Sounds like your charging system isn't working and you are running off battery power until the battery goes dead. Have the battery and the charging system tested to determine what part is at fault.

It depends on the name brand at who makes them. If it is a name brand running shoe it could range from anywhere between $150.00 and up. If it isn't then it would be less.

It could just have a dead battery. If the battery isn't the problem, probably so.

It could be a problem with over heating. You could try running with the side panel up or using a cooling system. There could also be a manufacturer's defect with the battery or charger, in which case you'd have to buy a new one.

No. The power to illuminate the Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) is supplied by the alternator, and does not have to be supplied by the battery. Once a vehicle is started and the engine is running you could remove the battery from the car entirely and everything requiring current would still operate.

If the battery light is displayed when the engine is running, you may have a problem with your charging system. The battery display will stay on while the key is in RUN until the engine is started. If the message stays on after the engine is started, it could indicate a problem with the generator drive belt, or some other charging system problem. Driving with this message could drain your battery. If you have to drive a short distance, turn off all accessories such as heater, air, radio, etc. and get it checked right away.

No problem if it's the same voltage, it will just last longer. But it might be significantly bigger, which could be a problem.

MAKE SURE THE FAN BELT IS NOT LOOSE Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check:

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