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What could be the problem if your climate control directional switch for your 2002 Kia Spectra is not working?

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2008-07-24 14:54:19

I had the same problem. There is a vent under the dashboard on

the passenger side. It slides to the right or left, if you slide

this in the opposite direction from where it is right now it will

allow you to adjust the temperature. It seems the little plastic

clamp is not strong enough to handle moving the vent when the

temperature control knob is turned instead the arm that adjusts it

pops loose. =========================================== The above

answer fixes the problem if you can't adjust the temperature

of the air coming out of the vent. If you can't change what vents

the air is coming out of (directional control) then either the

switch in the dash is bad ($20 from Kia, but not often the problem)

or the expensive little motor that controls the flow valve is bad

(much more expensive and more often the problem...of course) Most

of the dash has to be removed to get the assembly out, requiring

the removal of a number of screws and careful prying. If you want

to try the repair by yourself, befriend a local Kia mechanic and

ask for instructions or go to your local library and see if they

have a repair book that covers your car. Worse comes to worse, you

can buy the manual online. If you have any intention of keeping

this car for a while, the book will be a good investment because

you will need it often.

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