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What could be the problem on a 1999 Blazer suddenly died won't start back was told needed fuel pump had new pump put on 2 weeks ago vehicle did same thing again?



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Did you recheck your connections to the fuel pump on top of the gas tank? Can you hear or feel any buzzing from the tank? Take off the hoses leading to the throttle body and spray some throttle body cleaner down into the throttle body with the blade open.......then try to start your engine. If it starts, then you do still have a fuel delivery problem. Next go get a fuel pressure gauge and attach it to the fuel rail and just turn the key on, the pump is electric and the engine does not need to be running and look at the pressure. Have pressure? Did you change out a new fuel filter when you had the pump changed out? If not.....some junk may have come loose and blocked your filter. If you did put a new fuel filter on , was it installed directionally correct? There is a fuel pump relay which will trip if you are in an accident and shut electirc off to the fuel pump. I do nto know where it is located on a Blazer........sorry........but there is some leads for you to work on before going to get another pump.