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If there is no power to the pump, it must be a fuse or relay that is out. The relay is the first relay from the front of the car on the drivers side.

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Q: What could be the problem on a 94 shadow 2point5L ES-its not pumping fuel-no voltage to the pump-it did work- there is gas in the tank- please help?
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I Had the same Problem. I change my Transmission screen and replace the gasket. this solved my problem.

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if you have checked the voltage with a dvom then you need to verify that the power source at the fuel pump relay is correct, if it has the correct voltage pre-relay then your problem is post-relay. if the voltage is not correct pre-relay then simply trace and repair the power source. if the problem is post relay then check the output voltage directly at the relay, if voltage is good trace and repair line from relay to pump. if voltage is not correct then replace the fuel pump relay

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There may be a problem with the alternator not putting out enough voltage. There could also be a problem with the oxygen censor malfunctioning as well.

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