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What could be the problem when the temp gauge remains half way or at 200 and even goes beyond it while in traffic on a Pontiac Grand Am SE Ve 2002?

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Good question, even though I have an older model 1995 Pontiac grand am Se I have had this same problem, right after I had a heater core replaced it kept overheating beyond the danger point I have had a new thermostat and a water pump put in and it kept over heating. A mechanic thought that maybe the motor was going out but I never lost power nor was it shifting any different, I then had my brother to flush out my radiator with Prestone radiator flush this did the job now I don't have a problem with over heating anymore.

AnswerI have a 2002 GrandAm SE1 V6, 3.4 L engine and have the same problem, as I did with all of the Grand Ams that I have rented or owned. I think that there is a overheating problem that no one has yet diagnosed. On the 2004 GrandAms, there was a recall for this exact reason. If the engine coolant is full, maybe try a local dealership for another answer---but---they all tend to stay right around that temperature from my 1996 to the 2004. Just keep coolant with you at ALL times, just in case.

the thermostat in the 99 i have is a 195 degree that is when it will open so 200 on temp gauge is ok but dont let get go above 230. replace the cap on recovery tank,check all the hoses and bleed the coolant system. i had a hose that deteriorate from the inside an was blocking the water flow

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