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It could be the fusable link. You might need to search to find it, but look in a haynes or chilton manual or ask a dealer where it is.

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Q: What could be the problem when your headlights taillights and ignition don't work after the negative battery cable melted in an 80's model Chevy truck but all the fuses and lights are good?
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What would cause the car to keep running once ignition turned off if headlights were still on?

Headlights run off the battery not the ignition...

Can a battery from cell phone contribute ignition source?

The battery itself can not, but, as with any battery, the contact of positive & negative contacts can cause a spark which may constitute an ignition source.

What is wrong with a 1995 cutlass serra replaced battery and alternator but your lights will not work dash instruments come on but no headlights brakes taillights radio nothing?

Check the fuses

How to reset computer codes on 2003 buick lesabre?

Take the negative battery cable off, then turn the ignition to the on position to leave the ignition on for 5 seconds then turn off. Then reconnect your negative battery cable.

What does your car battery power?

Headlights, radio, ignition, and other elec accessories. Also turns starter to start vehicle but they replenish battery when running via alternator

How do you reset the computer on a 1995 Windstar?

Remove negative battery cable. Turn on headlights. Wait 15 minutes. Turn off headlights. Replace negative battery cable. Better, go to Autozone, ask them to plug in their OBDII analyzer and hit "Clear". that way you do not clear the corrections the computer has added to the system and will have to relearn if you remove the battery cable. just remove the negative battery cable,wait 5 min,and put it back on,, computer will reprogram all by itself. Pre 1995 vehicles disconnect battery for 10 Minutes minimum Whats with turning on headlights with the battery cable removed? They will not work anyway

Why will the car not start or the headlights not come on when the battery is full charged?

Corroded battery cables. Remove the battery cables, negative first, and clean the cable connections and the battery posts. If that does not help the battery needs charging or is defective.

Why do the windshield wipers and headlights come on when you hook the battery cable to the negative terminal on the car battery after replacement?

Perhaps they are already switched on at the switches inside the car.

How come your battery dies when you use your headlights?

because the battery is the source of the power for the headlights. there could be an issue with the battery or the alternator can be failing.

Why does 1999 passat 1.8T manual only cranks occasionally windows only work when engine starts headlights and horn are fine new battery I dont think its the ignition switch because all else comes on?

Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak battery? Bad ignition switch?

Does the 1999 dodge caravan have a feature to save your battery if you leave your lights on accidentally?

Yes. The headlights shut off after a couple minutes if the ignition is off.

What is wrong when car runs and then will not crank?

Battery cables could be loose, battery could be bad, starter could be bad, starter solenoid could be bad, ignition switch could be bad. Turn on the headlights and try to crank the engine. If the headlights dim or go out look at the cables or battery. If they stay bright look at starter, solenoid or ignition switch. The neutral safety switch or clutch petal switch could do it too.

How do you install a tach in 1999 Kia Sephia?

Positive to battery or fuse, light to dimmer switch (if used) Negative to negative on cars ignition coil.

Why would your brake lights on a 91 jeep wrangler work with the headlights off but wont brighten up more than the taillights when they are turned on I have LED round taillights and the flashers work?

It's possible that your alternator is not keeping up. Replace it and the battery. Usually when alternator fails the battery isn't too far behind. The led lights use more juice than the normal lights. Hope this helps.

How do you reset the immobilizer?

On 306 l reg deisel disconnect negative on battery turn ignition key to second position reconnect negative that simple worked for me

Why wont your 97 Town Car Turn Over?

Do your headlights work or if you open the drivers door with the keys in the ignition do you hear a warning buzzer or chime . If not , it sounds like a poor battery connection or a dead battery

Why will your 95 ford explorer not crank or start?

Do your headlights work ? or if you have the drivers door open with the keys in the ignition do you hear the key warning chime ? If not , it sounds like a dead battery or a loose / or corroded battery cable

What causes the dashboard light to dim after turning on the headlights?

Because the power for your headlights is pulled from your battery. When the dashboard lights dim after turning on the headlights the dashboard lights aren't getting as much power as they were with the headlights off. With the motor running or off? The headlights draw a lot of current, but should not visibly affect other systems. There could be a problem with a worn out battery, an alternator that isn't charging correctly, or you have a bad earth between the battery and the chassis. Check the large cable connection between the battery (usually negative these days) and the bodywork, or between the engine block and the bodywork.

Battery is being drained when ignition is off?

Had the same problem, changed the positive and negative battery cable heads, this stopped the drain. Check and see if the cables are good first.

Installed new battery in 97 sunfire and now headlights dont work all dash gauges stay on tach doesnt come on radio off...Fuses are fine and battery connections are good What is wrong?

make sure positive cable is connected to positive post on battery. negative cable connected to negative post on battery.

Why is lawn mower battery losing its charge when sitting over night?

Something is on, as in headlights or ignition, or the battery has a dead cell. If the battery is over 2 years old it is more than likely the battery itself that is the problem. Disconnect the battery positive cable and fully charge the battery. Let it sit overnight and if it goes dead, replace the battery. If not, find out what is running it down.

Where does the negative battery cable connect to?

The negative battery lead cable is to be connected to the negative lead terminal on the battery.

What causes headlights to not come on?

a flat battery

Had trouble starting car put key in turned twice but nothing lights lit up?

Check the battery. Turn headlights on - they will come on with or without the key if it has power from the battery. If lights do not come on, the battery is dead (try jump-starting) or there is a bad connection (loose cable), or a short in the electrical system. If headlights come on, but dashboard lights do not light up - check the ignition (cylinder / switch)

Does the ford E-150 ignition draw from the negative battery terminal?

no it should pull trom the positi if your pulling fron the negative side you have a short some were drive safe