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Something is drawing the current out of your battery and this is called a short. A short is a closed circuit that should be open. The circuit should NOT be draining current but because it is, it is causing a constant drain on your battery. They are usually very hard to find and need to be done with a circuit tester, probing wires to try to find where the current is going. An example of a circuit would be when you step on your brake pedal, a switch at the top of your brake pedal makes contact with another contact and when they touch, the circuit is now complete and your brake lights come on. Let off the brake pedal and the connectors separate and the lights go out. Now.....imagine that the connectors at the top of the brake pedal do not separate when you leave off the brake pedal. The lights will stay on until you break that circuit. You have a circuit that is drawing current from yoru battery, and this can be caused by a wire, that the insulation has rubbed off and now it is touching something metal. Where the wire is touching is completing the circuit and it is drawing the current from the battery like if you left the dome light on. The hard part is, trying to locate that wire, or possibly a bad ground wire. I would definitely check to make sure that the new alternator IS putting otu the right amount of voltage. Even a brand new alternator can be bad, I have installed one personally. Have it tested to make sure it is putting out the voltage you need. If it does pass then you probably have a short. If the alternaotr is not putting out enough voltage, then you are using more of the battery then what the alternator is replacing and thus your battery is dieing even though your alternator is putting out some voltage, just not enough. make sure when they installed the alternator and battery make sure they got a good ground. If you can find a circuit tester or a multi meter and can learn how and where to probe, you may be lucky and find the source of your short. It takes patience and a plan so you eliminate one circuit after another. You just don't haphazardly just jump all over the car testing wires. You could and may be lucky and find it but odds are against that. What you are looking for would be like with the key off, and your circuit tester with one wire grounded, you would probe say a light under your hood. Now that light should only be on when you open the hood right? But what happens if it is staying on all the time? You will need to test the wires WITH the hood OPEN but you will want to recreate the circuitry so that it thinks the hood is closed. If you duplicate the condition where the hood is closed in the circuitry and then you probe the "hot" wire and it turns on the light, then you have found a circuit that is not supposed to be drawing current but is. Now why is it? A bad switch? A bad ground? Corrosion leads to a lot of short circuits. Condensation forms in some electrical connectors and leads to corrosion. isn't easy diagnosing shorts but try the alternator first and hopefully that will be the culprit. If not........happy hunting.............and pray for patience. Added Comment: I also have a 1991 Lebaron and my car does the same thing as well. I added a remote battery disconnect (is $60 at Canadian tire) and I simply press the button and it saves the battery for me. It's the new tech way of disconnecting the battery cable from the battery when the car sits parked and I press the button again when I'm about to start it and it's saved me alot of time and hassle. Hope this helps.

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Where is the battery on a 2005 Chrysler LeBaron?

The Chrysler LeBaron was discontinued in 1995.

Where is the engine computer on a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron?

It is behind the battery.It is behind the battery.

Could alternator drain battery when car is not running?

If the alternator is installed incorrectly, yes, it can drain the battery.

Where is the power module located on a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron?

Under the hood, behind the battery.

Installed alternator and went to hook up battery and got sparks from negative terminal and alternator?

wires are crossed or you have a short in the wiring from the alternator to the battery.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1995 Chrysler lebaron?

The engine computer is also the regulator. It is behind the battery.

Where is the auto shut down relay on a 1990 Chrysler LeBaron?

last relay behind the battery.

How do you change the alternator on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

To change the alternator on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Then loosen the two bolts that hold the alternator in place. Pull out the alternator and replace.

Remove and replace alternator on Chrysler cirrus?

disconnect the battery. Remove the alternator belt then disconnect the wires. Unbolt the alternator and remove. Bolt the new alternator in then connect the wires, belt, and battery.

What does the check gauges light mean on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron?

It means that one gauge is not in the safe zone. Check the engine temp, oil pressure, battery/alternator voltage,It means that one gauge is not in the safe zone. Check the engine temp, oil pressure, battery/alternator voltage,

How do you replace the alternator on a chrysler 300m?

The alternator on a Chrysler 300m can be replaced by disconnecting the battery, removing the wiring harness from the alternator, and then unbolting it from the mounts. The drive belt can then be slipped off and a new alternator put into place.

Where is the pcm located in 1990 Chrysler lebaron 3.0 L?

the PCM .is behind the battery under the hood.

Interior lights flashing on 2002 Chrysler Concorde?

check the battery and or alternator

Why would the battery light of a 98 Pontiac Sunfire come on after a new battery was installed?

You have a bad alternator.

Why does the battery light stay on in a 2000 Chrysler 300M?

The battery light stays on when the alternator is over or under charging.

How do you reset the computer for 1989 Chrysler lebaron?

You can use a scan tool, or unhook the battery.You can use a scan tool, or unhook the battery.

Can the wrong size car battery damage the alternator?

No, not unless you installed a 6 volt battery instead of a 12 volt battery.

Battery not charging?

battery tests good, alternator tests good, new voltage regulator installed and still no charge to battery from altanator .

What does an alternator diode rectifier do?

The alternator diode rectifier converts the AC current being produced by the alternator to DC from which most of the electronics installed and battery use.

Why does it take about 45 minutes of running to drain battery after a new alternator has been installed on my 96 Geo Tracker?

Alternator not charging battery due to a bad fusable link?

How do you reset the computer in a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron by unhooking the battery?

Unhook the negative cable and wait ten minutes, the computer is reset.

How can a new battery still go flat with new alternator installed?

If you install a new battery & new alternator and the battery runs down overnight then you have something pulling power from the battery. Look for any light on the vehicle that is on or a relay that is stuck.

How do you reset the ABS light after the alternator was installed?

disconnecting the battery for a few minutes usually does the trick.

What is wrong with the battery if it wont stay charged with a new alternator on a Chrysler 5Th avenue?

Your alternator is probably rebuilt and not really new. I have had this problem several times and I have bought a new battery and alternator. The alternator keeps your battery charged and powers your electrical system, so even when driving you can lose all power in the car from the alternator draining your battery. Take the battery and alternator to an auto store and they will test both for free. Ask them about the difference in a rebuilt alternator and a brand new one. This is a very common problem.

94 Lebaron needs a boost every morning the battery has been replaced the clamps are clean and tight it does not appear to have any lights left on What is the cause of the battery draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? Often a bad internal diode can drain the alternator overnight.