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What could be the problem with a 95 astro van it cranks over but gets no spark electronic control module was replaced no spark?


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2006-08-02 21:07:08
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Check all of your fuses both in the fuse box in the van and under the hood.

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its not your ignition its your crankshaft sensor that's the same problem i had.

There are several reasons why a 1996 Achieva engine cranks but will not fire. A few of the reasons could be a bad ignition control module, ignition coil pack, or a crankshaft position sensor.

i hit he curb and put a hole in the oil pan ,i replace the oil pan now the engine cranks but doent start. what could be the problem

have the cables been checked. same happened to my 87 same problem found it was the orgnial cables needed to be replaced.

I hear that the problem is the pressure to the fuel pump. Also have heard that the alternator is the problem. To be honest, I cannot figure out why mine will not start either. I have replaced the fuel filter, O2 sensors, thermostat, reset the inertia switch, and spark plugs and wires.... nothing has worked yet. I have had the same problem, 2cd Explorer. I replaced the fuel relay. No problems now

The problem is in spark, or fuel. Rarely the Crank angle sensor. ECU could be going bad too.

An engine which cranks but will not start is not receiving enough fuel or has no spark. A clogged fuel filter or bad spark plugs often cause this problem.

check map sensor that was the problem in my 89 2.3 ranger

the problem seems to be crankshaft or camshaft position sensor.

Have the ECM, alternator and any other electronic components tested. Reverse polarity can destroy solid state components instantly and you may have some serious electronic damage.

My 94 Lumina APV (3.8L) would not start (when warm) - cranked but acted as if no spark or fuel. Mechanic replaced computer @ $350 (said too many error codes to diagnose problem) - did not resolve problem. Then he replaced the camshaft position sensor (CMP) @ $125 - that solved the problem. PB

The problem needs to be present to trouble shoot it. If guessing is your preference, the garage will provide you with good guesses. But it could get expensive. My guess is a module that would control spark.

i would start with control mod and from there maybe a crank senser

If it cranks just fine once it gets going then, most likely, the starter has to be replaced.

a bad module .if it cuts off and cranks in about 15 to 20 minutes change your module What module are you talking about please? I have the same problem. You shoud change Idle Air Control Valve. It will fix the problem.

small journal cranks can be ground to a minimum of 1.9585 (rod journals) big journal cranks 2.0685 ( rod journals)

If your 1999 Ford Mustang cranks but won't turnover you may have a problem with the starter, the solenoid, or the alternator.

it is easier to pedal with longer cranks because you have more leverage but it is not necessarily better to have really long cranks.

When my 2000 ml320 would turn over but not catch when i tried to start it, the problem ended up being the crankshaft position sensor, which had to be replaced, and ran me about $400. The most obvious symptom of this problem was that the car completely died while i was driving, and then wouldn't start for about twenty minutes afterward.

My '05 Ex. is in the shop right now with the same problem. They say they can't figure out what's wrong. It gives a warning bell, then I can't accellerate. I turn the key off and put it in neutral (still rolling down the road in traffic) and crank it. After it cranks, it will run fine. Beats me, but I'm just as worried. If the place where I got it can't fix it, what am I supposed to do?

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