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Pregnancy can be a possibility, have a test done asap. also if you have been stressed about becoming pregnant this can sometimes cause pregnancy like symptoms to occure I suggest that you go and talk with your doctor if a test turns up a negative result, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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2006-04-07 02:54:33
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Q: What could be the reason for pregnancy symptoms like nausea bloating tiredness swollen breasts and food aversions but you got your periods on time and had a miscarriage 10 months ago?
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Is dark yellow urine a symptom of pregnancy?

no but dark urine is a sign of dehydration. the signs of pregnancy are missed periods, Morning sickness,bloating,tiredness,and diarrhea

Are you pregnant if experiencing pregnancy symptoms like headache heartburn tingling of the breasts fluttering in the abdomen bloating belching dizziness tiredness back pain discharge spotting emotion?

probs yes

I took clomid on day 5 of cycle now I'm day 15 of cycle i have been experiencing cramping tiredness bloating and breast pain Is it to soon to have pregnancy symptoms on clomid?

yes you could be pregnant, but here you feel probably the effects of clomid. do a pregnancy test from the 25th day on.

Whats the difference between period bloating and pregnancy bloating?

I have spoken to the Dr Grace Maree Anderson from Colac secondary college hearn st campus and she has informed me that pregnancy bloating is caused from a baby forming inside of you and period bloating is helped by going for a walk or going to the gym.

Are nausea bloating and pains in lower abdomen signs of pregnancy?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. Nausea, bloating, and lower abdominal pain are more likely to be signs of acute gastroenteritis. Take a pregnancy test.

Can bloating be harmful in pregnancy?

no, it is all part of the 1st couple of months of pregnancy, and sometimes more.

What is back pain headaches bloating late period heavy with clots?

Any chance it could be a miscarriage?

Is it normal to feel bloated during period?

Bloating, tiredness, body aches, and cramps are all typical signs of the menstrual period.

Is gas a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes it is along with bloating and constipation unfortunately

This is your first pregnancy and you are showing at 5 weeks?

It is most likely bloating

Are fatigue bloating and frequent urination symptoms of pregnancy?

Possibly but not necessarily.

Is bloating and gasses due to pregnancy in the early weeks?

Sometimes yes.

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