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What could be the reason that the back up lights are both our in my 1995 Ford Explorer?


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2008-04-27 17:53:29
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Bulbs burned out? Blown Fuse? Bad switch?

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Could be the fuel pump or the filter. I had a similar problem for my 1995 explorer xlt.

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : No ( at least my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT doesn't )

Try pushing your turn signal lever forward , that's what I do to turn on my high beam headlights on my 1995 Ford Explorer

why is heater on 1995 explorer lukewarm

They are supposed to turn on when the engine is started and the emergency brake is released , at least that is the way it is on my 1995 Ford Explorer

A malfunction has been detected , could be a sensor

The automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer is electronically controlled

diagram of 1995 ford explorer xlt fuse box

A 1995 Ford Explorer is unlikely to be stolen by ants.

I don't have pictures , but it is underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail on a 1995 Ford Explorer

The automatic transmission used in the 1995 Ford Explorer is a ( 4R55E )

where does a shift module go in at on a 1995 ford explorer xlt 4.0 2wd

My friends 1995 Ford Explorer Limited does , the controls are on the rear view mirror

to change the bulb you go in from the backside, if its burned out you only need to replace the bulb. its similar to replacing a taillight bulb

According to motorcraft . com , the automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer only is used on the 1995 and 1996 models , so no

Starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer the AUTOMATIC transmission was ELECTRONICALLY controlled ( so the answer would be no )

My 1995 Ford Explorer has a 95 amp alternator (original equipment) if that is what you are trying to find.

On a 1995 Ford Explorer , 4 door : ( 79.5 litres / 21.0 U.S. gallons )

There are several reasons why a 1995 Dodge Caravan may turn off while driving. One reason could be in the electrical system. Another reason could be in the fuel system.

Is the hazard lights button not on top of the steering column ? The switch for the hazard lights on my 1995 Ford Explorer is part of the multi functin switch ( turn signals etc. )

If your anti - theft system is sounding (horn honking/lights flashing) you can shut it off by pressing the panic button on your key fob.

why wont my 1995 ford explorer not start? It just makes a clicking noise?

( No ) starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were electronically controlled

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