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If your tubes were tied, you're not pregnant. The HPT proved that, although I'm not sure what you mean by "until a few hours later." The test is designed to be read in the presribed time. Reading it HOURS later will yield a false positive. Your brief periods, feelings of being pregnant, and Back pain could all be signs of serious gynecological problems. Get thee to a doctor. PRONTO!

2006-08-20 04:52:08
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Q: What could be wrong I had a 1 day period last month and a 2 day period this month I am feeling preg but hpt show negative intil a couple hours later I had tubes tied 4 years ago and having back pain?
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Can having your period cause a negative pregnancy test?

Having your period means you aren't pregnant

Can you be pregnant with 12 negative pregnancy tests and still no period and having no symptoms other than feeling bloated?

Go to the Doctor. You may have a clot or tumor in your uterus.

Could you be eighteen weeks pregnant still having periods but the last one was a week late and testing negative on urine tests and feeling what feels like a baby move?

If you teted negative on Urine tests and Yo uare Still having your period, then you are NOT pregnant.

Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts could I be pregnant?

Answering "Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, could I still be pregnant?

Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.

If you are 16 days late for your period feeling nausea feeling fatigue feeling cold but have taken a test that says negative could you be pregnant?

no no your not stop thinking that

Having your period one day before your period After having your period without intercourse and have a bubbling feeling in the lower abdomen can you still be pregnant?

Um... If ur on ur period, ur not pregnant.

Is it possible to have a period and false negative pregnancy test at the same time and still be pregnant?

VERY VERY VERY rare. If you have a period on top of a negative test I would almost 100% say that you are most certainly not pregnant and just having your natural flow. On the other hand, if you are feeling sick and not right after your period, then get tested by your gyno and see whats up.

Can a girl be pregnant if she starts her period a couple of days after having protected sex?

No 999/1000 have period not pregnant.

Can missed period and negative test mean you could be having twin?

No, stupid.

What does it mean if I am feeling sick at certain parts of the day having period cramps but no period and negative pregnancy test?

I'm 2 weeks late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test all came back negative. I have all the symptoms missed period, sore breats, and morning sickness. Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong? or could I have had a miscarriege?

Can you take a pregnancy test while on your period and it still be right?

Yes, it will be negative because if you are having a period you are not pregnant.

Is it still possible to be pregnant after having my period and a negative pregnancy test?

It is possible, but unlikely.

Can you be pregnant if you have been having symptoms of pregnancy but no missed period and two negative pregnancy tests?

if you didnt miss your period your not prego

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms right before you miss your fist period?

The first symptoms of pregnancy normally come just after your first missed period, but the most common symptom is feeling tired and having this feeling that you are pregnant.

What does it mean if your period is late but the pregnancy test says negative?

Hi i missed a period and done a pregnancy test and was negative i did come on a month later this was because i have changed my pill and it didnt sort it out for a couple of months. Hope this helps

Could you be pregnant if you never missed you period and you urine test says negative but you are having symtoms and you stomach is taking the form of a pregnancy?

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend released some semin in you and you had your period but you threw up a couple days ago and am still feeling badly?

did you swallow it?

Could a pregnancy test be negative and still be pregnant with your period?

you can not be pregnant at the same time you are having periods.

Your period is due today having cramps test says negative could you still be pregnant?


Im tring for a baby and im now feeling bloated having tummy cramps and feeling sick am i pregnant?

no sweety,that's just a sign telling you that your PERIOD is about to come.

What does it mean when you are spotting and you late on your period but you test negative on the pregnancy test?

It means you are either having a very light period already, or it is still coming.

When to retake a pregnancy test after getting a negative result and period and still feeling pregnant?

Two weeks from last sexual intercourse encounter.

You are feeling dizzy and nauseous your period is late and tested negative on the pregnancy test?

I feel the same exact way. Maybe a blood test will do.

Your period was late now passing clots and tissue had negative pregnancy test could i be having a miscarriage?

yes it is possible to be having a miscarriage,some people test with a false negative. It also depends on how late you are.