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Bladder infection.

2006-08-28 16:10:28
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What causes painful urination and white pus in the urine?

The causes of "burning on urination" include urinary infection or STD. Both need urine testing to verify the diagnosis. For STDs, other tests are needed.Treatment may include:shot of penicillin for gonorrheaantibiotic pills or tablets for at least 7 to 10 dayspyridium - a drug that helps bladder spasms in urinary infection but the pills turn the urine either blue, green, or red, depending on the dye used in the pill

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Urination - painful?

DefinitionPainful urination describes any pain, discomfort, or burning sensation during urination.Alternative NamesDysuria; Painful urinationConsiderationsPain on urination is a fairly common problem. It is most often caused by an infection somewhere in the urinary tract.Common CausesCandidal dermatitis or vaginitisContact dermatitis or vulvitisInterstitial cystitisProstatitisRadiation cystitisUrinary retentionUrinary tract infectionUrethritis (in men) caused by gonorrhea or chlamydiaHome CareFollow prescribed therapy.Call your health care provider ifCall your health care provider if:There is drainage or a discharge from your penis or vaginaYou are pregnant and are having any painful urinationYou have painful urination that lasts for more than 1 dayYou notice blood in your urineWhat to expect at your health care provider's officeYour health care provider will perform a physical examination and ask questions about your symptoms and medication history, such as:When did the painful urination begin?Does the pain occur only during urination?Does the pain stop after urination?Is there back pain?What other symptoms do you have?Have you had a fever higher than 100 degrees F?Is there drainage or discharge between urinations?Is there an abnormal urine odor?Are there any changes in the volume or frequency of urination?Do you have the urge to urinate?Did you notice blood in the urine?Are there any rashes or itching in the genital area?What medications are you taking?Are you pregnant or could you be pregnant?Has there been a previous bladder infection?Do you have any allergies to any medications?Have you had sexual intercourse with someone who has, or may have, gonorrhea or chlamydia?Has there been a recent change in your brand of soap, detergent, or fabric softener?Have you had surgery or radiation to your urinary or sexual organs?A urinalysis will be done. A urine culture may be ordered. If you have had a previous bladder or kidney infections, a more detailed history and physical are needed, and extra laboratory studies may be necessary. A pelvic exam and examination of vaginal fluids are necessary if a female has a vaginal discharge. Men who have penile discharge will need to have a urethral swab done.Treatment depends on what is causing the pain.See:ProstatitisUrethral strictureUrinary tract infectionYeast infection - vagina

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Can uti cause itching?

Absolutely. It can be very painful and irritating. It can itch and burn while you urinate but it can also itch when you are not urinating. The itching can be extremely uncomfortable and seem almost unbearable and is generally fairly specific to the urethral opening (where you pee from). However, if you're at risk for sexually transmissible infections, and if you are experiencing painful urination and itching, ask your health care provider if you were screened for trichomoniasis at the time of your visit, and whether you had a urine culture done. If not, and if your symptoms don't improve within 48 hours of the start of treatment, see your health care provider for a follow up exam and to determine if additional testing is needed.

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If a person is otherwise healthy, the only treatment needed is to decrease stress and limit the use of alcohol and caffeine.

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