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I started to lose my hair last year. The doctor told me that stress is the cause of it. I wish that person all the best of luck in the world. Just be sure to tell them that hair does not make them. Good luck and God Bless:)


that is alopecia, alopecia is hairloss not a disease that causes hair loss.

there are several different types of alopecia, and its named appropriately depending on the extent of the hairloss, ie alopecia areata is some male like bald patches, alopecia universalis-total and all body hair loss etc

and most of them dont seem to have any specific cause, but of course lacking in nutrients etc can always be a culprit of any sudden body changes

go to the doctor they can help you discover which it is.


2007-08-11 14:34:31
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See a doctor and find out what the reason may be. It may be alopecia.

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I have been losing my hair slowly because of Alopecia areata. I wanted a product that could help make a difference. I've been using Argan Rain shampoo for about 3 months and the difference is clear.

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