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As much as I like Corsicas, they do present their problems and the one question I get asked the most is "Why is my Corsica overheating?" In my experiences most people have gone and replaced their rads and thermostats without checking first to see if there is an air-lock in the motor or if you may have a shot head-gasket. The Corsica motor that gave me the most problems was a '91 3.1L V6. There are a couple of ways to try to "Burp" out the air. 1) One is to put the front end of the car up on ramps, turn off the engine before it can warm up, pop the hood and remove the rad cap, then with the cap off start the car and let it run for 5-15 minutes and listen for any "Burping" noises coming from deep within the motor or coming up out of the rad. 2)EXTREME CAUTION! Rad Fluid Can Easily Reach Temperatures in Excess of 200 Degrees!!! (I personally do not recommend trying this unless you are extremely experienced with automobiles) The second is to "Rev-up" or "Goose" the throttle and overheat the engine to get the rad fluid boiling, then with the car running stand in front of it and hold some kind of shield in front of your body as the rad fluid is going to spray out as soon as you start to loosen the rad be prepared, and remove the rad cap as quick as you can and just let it spray. If you are really lucky this will induce the air that is trapped at the bottom of the motor to release itself. If you still cannot get it to "Burp" then you should take it to a shop or an experienced friend and ask for their help.

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Q: What could be wrong if a 1989 Corsica overheats after two minutes of running but the thermostat and water pump were changed?
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Truck overheats 2 minutes after start then runs FINE any ideas?

Sticky thermostat. Replace it.

Car overheats for a few minutes than goes to normal after 5 min?

Possibly thermostat is slow in opening.

98 cadillac deville drive for 10 minutes and the engine overheats?

Check coolant level Perhaps thermostat is not opening to allow coolant to flow

What causes water to come out of the reservoir as soon as I start the car then after I drive it for about 10 minutes it overheats because the water came out when I started it?

It's possible that you may have a faulty thermostat.

What could be wrong if the engine in your Jeep Cherokee Renegade 1995 overheats after running for about 10 minutes but the radiator remains stone cold?

It could be your serpentine belt, thermostat or water pump.

How long do you have to set needle valve before the hydraulic fluid overheats?

2 minutes

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Have you checked the computer codes? If so, what do they say?

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If radiator fluid is drawn into radiator after 10 minutes of vehicle running is thermostat working?

Yes your thermostat is working if it is drawing coolant after about ten minutes. It depends on the size of your motor to determine how long it should take to hit the right temp for the thermostat to open up so it can send coolant through the system. If it starts within ten minutes your thermostat is working fine

1983 Honda Accord LX hatchback it overheats. The thermostat was replaced new coolant in fans turn on After driving like 10 minutes the temperature gauge shoots up to the red zone. The oil is not milky?

Would suggest checking the ignition timing as this can cause overheating if not set correctly

How do you reset the computer on Chevrolet Corsica model 1995?

Remove neg on battery for 3 minutes.

1992 buick park avenue ultra that after 30 minutes of driving wants to cut off you changed the spark plug and wires you changed the fuel filter air filter and the thermostat but it still?

check the alternator, ignition coil. or even see what the charge at the battery is.

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Because of the thermostat. This will turn on the unit when the temperature gets below what ever degree it is set at and then will turn off when the thermostat gets at that temperature.

Why would you get no heat in a 98 Blazer if the engine overheats and makes a weird noise like a fan trying to start on the passenger side?

sounds like your thermostat is stuck shut. located where the upper radiatorhose goes into the engine block. Cheap to replace $15 and should only take 30 minutes.. good luck.

How long does it take to replace a thermostat on your 2002 Trailblazer?

About 20 minutes

My car overheats after 45 minutes why?

Low coolant? Cooling fans not working? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted?

98 civic overheats within ten minutes of driving. I just replaced the radiator the old one was cracked. What else could it be?

replace the thermostat, sometimes when cars overheat people try to bandage the problem by removing it. Works for temp. fix but when you replace the rad if there is not a thermostat there is nothing to keep the coolant in the rad long enough to cool. Also you should check for a blown head gasket, go to your local rad shop and ask them to test it.

How to replace a thermostat housing on a PT cruiser?

easy as taking off the two bolts that hold it and take off the clamp that holds the hose to the should take 30 minutes tops. I changed mine in about that time.

Why does the clock light stay on on 96 Corsica?

Disconnecting the battery for at least fifteen minutes may turn the clock light off. Pulling the fuses in the radio consoleÊis another fix to try for a clock light that stays on in a 96 Corsica.

Where is the thermostat on a 1995 Honda Passport?

Thermostat is in the housing under the left coil in the housing connected to the radiator hose. Takes about 30 minutes, if that long, to change.

Es300 '93 overheats occasionally maybe thermostat where is it Maybe H2O pump where is that?

Water pumps are totally mechanical; if they don't leak or make noise they are OK. Period. The stat should be at the lower end of the top radiator hose within the water outlet, but before replacing it try this: remove the rad cap and allow engine to run for about 20 minutes checking the coolant level during this time and adding as necessary. Bleeding trapped air out of your system may be all that you need to do. If it still overheats change the stat. I hope this helps you.

How do you check if the engine thermostat is functioning?

If a thermostat is working, it should open at a specific temperature, which varies depending on the thermostat. Common temps are 195, 180 and 160. To check the thermostat, removed it from the engine, and place it in a pan of water with a thermometer. Heat the water to boiling and watch the thermostat. It should open before the water boils. Check the temperature at which it opens completely and see if that is satisfactory. Anotehr WA is to start the eingine and let it idle. Obviously, if the engine overheats there is a problem. It could be a thermostat that is stuck closed or something else. If the engine does not warm up, or does not maintain a good operating temperature, then the thermostat is stuck open. If after ten minutes or so, the upper radiator hose is hot to the touch, then the thermostat is probably working properly. Personally, I just change mine if there is any question if it is good or not. They are cheap. I often replace mine when I flush the cooling system, just like I change my cap and rotor every year.

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