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It sounds as if the rearend fell apart. There is a lock inside the rearend, it breaks (quite common)and then the shaft and spider gears fall off, and then you are stuck. To know for sure, you need somebody to crawl under and look to see if the driveshaft is rotating while you have it in gear, idling, and the emergency brake set. If this is the case, then it will be the rear end.

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1998 ford ranger 4cly XL 5spd manual transmission will not shift into 5th and reverse gears?

it could be the shift linkage being that both gears over there wont work

Where is the gear box for a 2001 ford ranger stick shift?

The gear box ( manual transmission ) is bolted to the rear of the engine

Is a VW 1969 beetle manual or automatic?

You have to shift gears in all of them, so you'd call them "manual," but in 1969 you could get an "autostick" transmission that had an automatic clutch connected to a manual transmission.

What is a manual car?

A car with a manual or stick shift transmission.

What kind of fluid transmission needed for 1991 ford ranger whit a 5 speed manual shift?

The 1992 2.3L 5 Speed required Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid. That's right, you need to put ATF in the manual transmission.

What does manual transmission mean?

Manual transmission is when you use the shift stick to shift to different gears in a car instead of driving without shifting gears,which is auto transmission.

What does manual in a car mean?

It could be the drivers manual, the book that is kept in the glove compartment or it could mean that the transmission is a manual standard shift or it could also mean the steering is not power steering but manual steering.

Why is it hard to shift gears in my manual car?

There are many reasons why a car is hard to shift when there is a manual transmission. The clutch is one of the main reasons why a car is not shifting properly. Another reason could be that the transmission is low on fluid.

Why is 1995 Chevy Cavalier manual transmission is not shifting into 1 first or second gear?

The shift link cable could be broken, or the 1st/2nd shift fork, inside the transmission, could be damaged.

How do you get transmission fluid in a 1993 Ford Ranger XL truck?

Auto - fill it from the dipstick tube.Manual - remove the shift lever and fill from the top.

Why would a 1996 Ford Ranger shift hard but shift when it is supposed to?

AnswerIt could be dirty fluid or a dirty filter in the transmission. That would be the best place to start if that doesnt work I would take to a transmission shop and have the bands adjusted.the 1996 ford ranger has a shift solenoid located on the transmission. This shows up when a diagnostic is run at your local advance store.

Is it possible to have a car with an automatic transmission changed into a stick shift?

It depends on the vehicle. If the car was offered with a manual transmission or there are other cars with the same engine that have a manual transmission, then yes you can have stick shift installed.

How do you know what type of transmission you have?

If you shift manually, you have a manual transmission. If your car shifts for you, you have an automatic.

Why does a 1998 Neon manual shift not shift?

Bad clutch? Bad transmission? Worn synchronizer?

Why would be broke besides a transmission if your car wont shift into gear?

could be the shifter linkage or cable itself also check fluid level if it is a automatic transmission or if it is a manual transmission could be clutch and throwout bearing

Why is there a yellow triangle dash light on your 94 ram?

That light is used on manual transmission equipped vehicles to remind you when to shift to the next gear.That light is used on manual transmission equipped vehicles to remind you when to shift to the next gear.

Why won't my manual transmission shift out of first gear or reverse?

There are several things that can cause your manual transmission not to shift out of first gear or reverse. The most common cause is a broken shifting fork.

What kind of transmission does a 98 Honda civic manual have?

The default manual transmission on a 1998 Honda Civic would be a 5-speed manual transmission. These are commonly referred to as "stick shift" cars.Ê

What is a manual transmission?

It's a transmission where the gears do not change themselves, but have to be changed with a gear shift and a clutch.

Why is there Rough shift on automatic transmission 98 ford ranger?

The transmission fluid filter could be clogged. There could also be an electronic issue, run the test codes on the vehicle computer to see if a problem is shown.

Does the Lamborghini have a manual or automatic transmission?

It has an automated manual. It is really a manual transmission that is controlled by a computer. The driver can let the car shift it self or use paddle shifters, there is no clutch. This transmissions shift a little faster than regular manual, but aren't as fun.

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