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There's a break in the wire somewhere. Switches usually get their power from a nearby receptacle (or at the light).

Also, make sure the outlet that stopped working isn't in a ground fault circuit. Check the rest of the outlets that may be in the same breaker circuit and see it they have ground fault protection that has been tripped. Its a little red reset button on the outlet.

Its possbile that there might be a loose connection further back along the line. If there is a break in the neutral and/or earth (cpc, circuit protective conductor) then a volt meter will indicate no volts even if the live cable is infact live. If there is no RCD (not sure what its called in America) then if earth and neurtral are broken, for example a nail hammered through then the circuit breaker would not trip. Best way i go about finding a fault is ask, has anything changed since last time it worked (shelfs put up, decorators removed a face plate for painting ect). Check for loose connections at back of face plates, inside consumer unit. High Ohm resistance check each line, will show if there is a fault between any of the conductors.

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