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It is in front of the radiator and the horn itself can be bad.

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Q: What could be wrong if the horn on a 1998 Mazda Protege clicks but does not make a sound?
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Why do you hear a clicking noise when you turn the wheel on your 1993 Mazda Protege?

I had this issue with a Honda accord, the sound may be your CV joints and not the wheel itself.

Sometimes when you hit the gas on your '99 Mazda protege you hear a screeching sound Where's it coming from and why?

The sound may be caused by a worn or stretched belt. Ask a trusted mechanic for his opinion.

Your Mazda protege has a roaring sound in th front when you drive?

Check the wheel bearings and the front brakes for wear. These are the most common places that cause the roar.

Slammed on brakes your 96 Mazda 626 shut off wouldn't restart not a sound from the starter kept tryin and later got few clicks but no turn over then easily started parked it and no sound or start now?

sounds like the distributor.

Why would your Mazda 323 sound like it is dragging metal?

Could be the brakes are metal to metal.

Where is the horn in a 1995 Mazda Protege?

I you mean haw to make it to sound: On the side of the steering wheel, at about 3:00 and 9:00. If you are asking about the horn, its located behind the right corner of the fron bumper. You have to remove the black cover that it under the car. Mazda put hard encourage in hiding it .

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Is there a fuse problem or what with the 1991 Plymouth Voyager horn when the relay clicks but horn does not sound?

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if it clicks only when turning check to see if front axles are bad, if it clicks all the time check bearings

What is the valve timing on a Mazda t3500 engine?

what causes aknocking sound on mazda T35 engine when its running

Mazda rf diesil has knocking sound why?

extreme cold temperatures might cause Mazda rf diesil to make knocking sound , however; it is recommended that you get it checked from the mechanic.

My protege makes a squeaky sound as I start driving?

Sounds like a belt or belt tensioner needs to be replaced

Horn not working on 2003 Protege.?

well its maybe because your sound box is broken bring it to your car store

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When I try starting my 1987 Mazda rx7 it makes a clicking sound then sounds like it's trying to start then clicks again and continues What's the problem?

sounds like a flat battery try jump starting it with set of jump leads you could have a bad connection between the battery and the starter or a broken engine earth strap i would try jump starting it first do

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What could be causing a rattling or knocking sound that happens after it warms up doesnt do it when cold and doesnt get worse as you accelerate on a Mazda 1986 b2000?

more than likely a valve!

How do you know if your head goes out in a 2000 Mazda protege?

Well...mine blew the #2 sparkplug completely out of the cylinder, but in most cases, you'll notice a significant lack of power, or sometimes you can hear a knocking sound. Your best bet is to take it to a mechanic, because sometimes it may not be the head and it might just be a faulty gasket

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