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I'd visit a health care professional at the first opportunity. There could be any number of reasons, including a bladder infection and various diseases. The sooner you find out and get it treated, the faster you'll be better.

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Is a tingly feeling and needing to urinate more a sign of pregnancy?

No. You could have a UTI call your doctor

Does herpes make you urinate frequently?

Herpes causes burning pain or trouble urinating. It's different then having to urinate freequently. Could be a bladder infection or if your female you could be pregnant.

Why might a male have to frequently urinate?

Check in with your doctor for a diagnosis. Common issues could be diabetes or prostate issues.

Needing to urinate all the time?

Could be that you have an over active bladder OAD, or it's a symptom of pregnancy if you're a sexually active fertile female.

I need to urinate frequently Could it be Urge Incontinence?

Yes it could be urge incontinence. It could also be a wide range of things that could be harmful. The best thing to do would be to go see your doctor and have him look

Can you be pregnant even though you had your menstruation while you tend to do the restroom about 5 or more times a day?

If you feel the urge to use the restroom more frequently you could have a bladder infection. I assume your question pertains to your need to urinate more frequently.

A feeling of needing to pee all the time?

There are many reasons why this could be happening. However the main two could probably be:Water Infection: This is the main symptom of having a water infection. The needing to urinate even if you have just been to the toilet. When going only a small amount comes out too. This can also be painful when trying to urinate.Pregnancy: When pregnant the baby pushes down on the bladder making you feel like you need to urinate more. This can happen in early stages of pregnancy right up until the birth.To be certain of the problem my best advice is to go and see you doctor to make sure you know the problem.

Could you be pregnant if you are still getting your period but you get dizzy and light-headed and you're starting to urinate frequently and your breasts are getting bigger?

yes you could be but you wouldn't be getting a normal period during pregnancy. see your doctor.

What causes male ejaculation for no reason had to urinate and semen started coming out instead?

If you were masturbating right before you attempted to urinate you could have been at "the point of no return" which is the point you get at while masturbating where you cant hold back your sperm any longer and it comes out.

What causes an inability to urinate?

There could be a blockage.

Is having to urinate very frequently throughout the night a sign of something wrong with the female prostate?

Not neccesarily. If you go to the bath room too much then you could just be drinking a lot of fluids. But if not then it's something not that serious, you could just have to go to get some medicine that makes you not go as much. I will not be held responsible for this answer because it may be wrong. Answer 2--> Needing to get up more than 2 times per night could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. If this persists, you should see your doctor.

How often is normal for a small dog to urinate?

I would think four or five times would be on the average for dogs. If it goes more frequently, it could be a sign of diabetes! Less frequent would probably be a sign of urinary infection.

What does it mean when its hard to urinate?

It could be an urinary infection? See your doctor.

What could be causing the constant urge to urinate and arousal when you do?

A constant need to urinate could be many things you would have to see a doctor, but it usually means a kidney infection or something like that. The arousal I have no idea.

What can be done about a dog urinating frequently?

If your dog is urinating a lot it could have a bladder infection or a urinary track infection and should be taken to your veterinarian. Or, the dog may be drinking a lot of water if it is hot which would also cause it to urinate a lot.

When you have pain when you urinate is it appendicitis?

No. It could be a urinary tract infection. It could be an STD. It may have to do with your prostate. But not the appendix.

Your period is 11 days away and a couple of days ago you started to have to urinate a lot more often and you feel sleepy and you are always hungry could this mean you are pregnant?

I don't have much of an answer but this is happening to me too!

What should you do when you urinate blood?

Go to a doctor. There could be a problem with your bladder or kidneys.

Signs of diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is caused by a lack of insulin production, allowing excess glucose to remain in the nephron and "suck" water. This causes the person to become very thirsty very frequently, have an increased glucose level in their blood, and frequently urinate due to all the excess water in the nephron. This could lead to other symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness.

Why a Ford Taurus Hesitate?

Could be as simple as needing a tune up.

What could be wrong if you have to wake up to urinate 4 to 5 times at night?

you could possibly have a bladder infection

If it hurts to urinate and the doctor says it could be a tear from sex is this likely or could it be something worse?

Could be a bladder infection uti or std

How can you get a dog to urinate?

If your dog cant pee take him to the vet immediatly!!!!! It could be dangerous.

Constant need to urinate?

It could be you have developed diabetes. Please get a doctor to check you out ASAP

Could I make a women horny by eating her vagina?

that just makes her have to urinate. watch out for that.