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You should contact your doctor.

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What type of blood would you have if parents are o negative and a positive?

You could have O positive or negative blood or A positive or negative blood.

Could type B negative blood safely receive type A negative blood?


Who could an o negative blood give to?

If your blood type is O negative than you could give it to any person with any blood type.

Can you still be pregnant if all the tests including blood tests are negative but you have all sysmptoms of being pregnant and you are at the end of your pregnancy term?

Could someone answer this i feel the same way !!! could a home and blood test be negative when in fact the lady is 7 8 or 9 months??? or if the baby died inside would it make the blood test negative???

Does having a common cold affect blood pressure?

Yes it could affect your blood pressure. If you have a fever or are coughing a lot all this could increase your blood pressure

If you have a mom with blood type A plus and a dad with blood type A plus what blood types could you have?

You could be A positive, A negative, O positive or O negative.

Does taking high blood pressure medication if you do not have high blood pressure offer any protective benefit?

If you have normal blood pressure and you take medicine for high blood pressure, you could cause your blood pressure to go too low and you could end up in a coma or even dead.

Is blood pressure negative feedback?

If high blood pressure is at play then a negative feedback system would reverse this. Through this negative feedback the stimulus of increased pressure is reversed or decreased by decreasing heart rate which decreases the blood pressure. If low blood pressure is at play the negative feedback system would also be appropriate because your body needs to reverse this stimulus. Your heart rate would increase to increase blood pressure. NOTE: Positive Feedback system enhances or further intensifies the stimulus so we would not want that for blood pressure. This is seen for birth contractions. You want to intensify contractions to enable the baby to get out of the canal. However, usually you need some external event to turn off the positive feedback or it could be fatal. In this case the baby is born so that stops the contractions.

Is having a negative blood type dangerous?

Having a negative blood type is not necessarily dangerous. What could be dangerous is the factoring products in the blood. If two people with the same negative factors in their blood, decide to reproduce, this could become a problem.

Could high blood pressure cause high blood protein?

high blood pressure can affect the kidneys

Which types of blood could someone with type b-negative receive?

B negative and O negative red blood cells.

What could happen to blood volume and blood pressure if water were not readsorbed?

If water was not reabsorb blood volume and blood pressure would drop. A person could not live under such circumstances.

If mom has AB negative blood and dad has A positive blood what will the baby have?

The baby could either have AB positive or AB negative blood.

What could cause high blood pressure in a 19 year old?

What could cause high blood pressure in 19 year old

Can a person donate blood that is o negative?

any blood could be donated.

My period is late 3 month i went to doc she wrote blood test that is negative what we do?

If you;re period is 3 months late, and the doc performed a blood test which was negative, there is nothing to do. Your period could be late due to stress, a change in hormones, or from extreme dieting.

What is the description of "systolic pressure"?

The best or most common description for systolic pressure would be that its related to your blood pressure. If you have systolic blood pressure it could mean that your blood vessels are clogged up.

How is eye pressure connected to high blood pressure?

The human eye has blood vessel all around it.....because of the increased blood flow the eye could feel pressure

Why is it important for older person to have a regular check up of blood pressure?

Raised blood pressure and lowered blood pressure can be signs of all sorts of conditions. For example, a change in blood pressure could be a sign of a blockage in an artery.

Mother is O Positive blood can baby have A Negative blood?

fathers blood group and moms blood group determine child blood group. If a mother is O+ and the baby is A-, the father could have been type AB or type A, and could have positive or negative.

Father with type b rh positive blood and mother with type o rh negative blood what type of the blood for the baby will be?

the baby could be a b or an o, and it could be positive or negative, it just depends

What negative outcomes could you have from not exercising?

From not exercising enough you will gain weight which can cause further problems such as high blood pressure and possibly heart failure in extreme cases. :)

How the human heart could compensate for flow rate changes to maintain blood pressure?

The human heart could compensate for flow rate changes to maintain blood pressure by setting the pace at which it beats and maintains blood flow. When a heart rate increases, blood pressure will rise, and when a heart rate decreases, blood pressure will drop.

Can a A negative and B negative parental blood types produce a A positive child?

No. They could have an A- child, but not A+.

Is my 0 blood type positive or negative?

When you get a blood test the should be able to tell you if you are negative or positive. You could have this done at your doctors office or at a nearby blood center.