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This sounds like a threatened miscarriage. You should not be having clots during pregnancy or bleeding. Go to ER and ask for a quantitative beta hcg blood test.

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What if my uterus has dropped and my cervix is closed and I am only five months pregnant?

call your doctor

What if you cervix has been closed but you have had bleeding and you have had about 4 clots and now a bit of tissue but your cervix is still closed is this a miscarriage?

Please visit your doctor for an evaluation. You need to be seen as soon as possible.

Your cervix was closed during your pap smear What does that mean?

when I went for a routine cancer smear my doctor said she could not do it because my cervix was closed.

What can cause vaginal bleeding at 38 weeks pregnant after my Doctor checked to see how far along I was dilated?

Irritation from the doctors figures checking the cervix, or your in labor.

Are you having a miscarriage if you're almost 8 weeks pregnant and you have been bleeding for two weeks now and you went to the doctor last week and your cervix is still closed?

If your cervix is closed then this isn't a miscarriage. Your cervix usually opens during a miscarriage to expell the fetus. I would go to your gynocologist or local hospital and have a scan and internal examination to find out about your pregnancy. Also have a blood test that measures the amount of HCG in your blood to see if the HCG is decreasing instead of increasing. Usually if the cervix is closed it is a good sign however my cervix was closed at 8 weeks and i had very very light spotting and after an ultrasound at 9 weeks, 4 days later my baby had died. you need to go straight to the doctor or hospital if you have any bleed at all.

Your doctor wants to open your cervix while pregnant is this safe?


How do you know if you're bleeding from your period or pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not be bleeding at all, apart from minor spotting. If you are bleeding, and you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor.

What does it mean when a doctor has diffulculty finding your cervix and your not even pregnant?

This means that you have a small cervix. Some girls do. All girls have a cervix. This is what the opening into the uterus is called.

How do you know if your cervix is closed?

The doctor will tell you when you have an exam and then you will go in for an outpatient surgery to open it.

What causes your cervix to bleed?

Well, this could mean you are in the early stage of a miscarriage. The cervix dialates and then the tissues and extra blood flow out first, then your baby (if it's small enough) I was 2cm dialated at 15 weeks. I went to my dr's and they sent me to the hospital. They went in and litterally tied my cervix closed. My cervix made a new mucus plug and closed on it's own and the stitches desolved. I am now (happily) 23 weeks pregnant today, no bleeding, no spotting, nothing. And baby moves like crazy. Go see your doctor ASAP. if you are too late. you could miscarry. Good Luck

Do you have periods when you are pregnant?

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

You are 12 weeks pregnant and have implantation bleeding why?

If you are 12 weeks pregnant, it is not implantation bleeding. Consult your doctor right away.

How do you know you are pregnant when bleeding after 5 days late?

You must see your doctor. There shouldn't be bleeding.

Is it normal to have bleeding when you are 5 months pregnant?

No. See your doctor.

You fainted twice back to back and you have heavy cramping but you are bleeding are you pregnant?

If you are cramping and bleeding and you ARE pregnant you are having a miscarriage. you need to see a doctor.

Why are you lightly bleeding for 2 days at 9 weeks pregnant?

there is no reason to be bleeding at all while pregnant so contact your doctor immediately:/

Is it normal to have bleeding after 5 years ago you had a hysterectomy?

No this is not normal as the cervix or uterus will have been closed. If you still have your ovaries then yes you can still get symptoms of pms. You should see your doctor as soon as possible to find out what is causing the discharge.

Can you shed your uterine lining and have a normal heavy period if your pregnant?

No if you are pregnant the uterus is closed so the lining is still in there. Some spotting can still be during the pregnancie though but not heavy bleeding. If you are worried go to your doctor.

Pregnant need doctor exam having period?

If you're pregnant, you should always see a doctor for prenatal care. But if you're pregnant and bleeding you should definitely see a doctor.

Can you tell if your pregnant by feeling your cervix?

The vagina often becomes swollen during pregnancy, but there is no way to know if you are pregnant for sure by just feeling your cervix or any part of the vagina. The only 100% way to know if you are pregnant is to see a doctor.

If you had light bleeding could you be pregnant?

go see a doctor not sure

What does it mean if your bleeding while your pregnant?

A lot of things, go to the doctor

Can you have implantation bleeding but not be pregnant?

Any bleeding that is from a baby implanting in the uterine lining is called implantation bleeding. So, you have to be pregnant for that to occur. If you are not pregnant and experience bleeding, you should see a doctor. There are many reasons why a woman bleeds between periods, but some of them are serious.

What is wrong when the cervix is tilted?

It doesn't mean anything is wrong. I have a tilted cervix. Sometimes it makes becoming pregnant more difficult, but I had no problem getting pregnant. My doctor said it's normal and nothing to worry about.

Could a woman be pregnant if she expierences bleeding and severe cramps not like normal period cramps?

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.