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How do you know there is no infection? You may have a yeast infection.

2006-07-15 15:03:33
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Could eating Caesar salads cause you to have a strong vaginal odor?

Probably not. You may have a bacterial infection. Does it smell fishy? Go to the doctor

Does a yeast infection smell fishy?

No, a yeast infection typically does not smell fishy, but bacterial vaginosis, a common, non-contagious condition, does have a fishy odor.

What is it when clear stuff discharge from a womens vagina that has a fishey odar?

A fishy odor is NEVER normal. It probably means you have a bacterial infection of some kind, but could also mean something like a sexually transmitted infection. This should ALWAYS be checked out by a doctor. A yeast infection doesn't have a fishy odor, it has a bready, yeasty odor, so that's not what it is.

What causes vaginal fishy odor if no infection is presant?

Normaly when you're on your period that fishy smell occurs. Don't worry... It's perfectly normal.

What does a fishy smelly odor mean?

A fishy vaginal odour (assuming as this is in womens health that is the area you're talking about) is a sign of a bacterial infection. If you have a fishy vaginal odour you should see your doctor for testing and treatment.

Why does your dogs urine smell fishy?

The most typical cause of fishy smelling urine is a urinary tract infection. Your dog should have a urinalysis conducted by a veterinarian.

How can you stop fishy smell vaginal discharge?

Get treated. Get yourself checked out by a physician. Fish-like smelling vaginal discharge is not normal. It could either be an infection or an STD.

How does a normal vagina smell?

Kinda fishy but not bad. If it smells like rotten fish you have a infection.

Why does dogs butt smell fishy?

I would say he probably has some sort of medical disorder going on, I would take him or her to get checked as soon as possible him or her could have a underlyning infection.

What could you give a fish for a gift?

One of those fishy treasure chests or some kind of special fishy food!

What STD can cause vaginal odor?

Trichomoniasis is usually the infection associated with a fishy smelling genital area.

What smells coming from the vagina are normal?

Kinda fishy but not bad. If it smells like rotten fish you have a infection.

What are synonyms of suspicious?

questionablefishyIt could be Suspect

Fishy smelling discharge?

Needs treatment. If this fishy smell is coming from your vaginal, it may mean that you have a bacterial infection. This can also happen without sex. Check with your doctor to see that it is not something serious.

How do you get rid of fishy vaginal smell?

That's a bacterial infection and meds are at the pharmacy or you go see a gyno.The normal smell of a vagina is kinda fishy though but it shouldn't be like rotten fish.

Why do you smell fishy?

Well, saying "something's fishy'' means that you think something is suspicious. If your talking about literally smelling fishy, then i guess the answer is that maybe you wrestled a fish or something. If "down there" is producing stuff that looks or smells different than normal you should go to the doctor and check you don't have an infection.

Does yeast infection cause a odor?

Yes it does...but it's not like fishy smell. It smells more like bake bread.

What is a fishy?

Fishy is coy!!!:)

Does fish oil make women smell fishy?

It depends what oil they use. Some fish oils are non odorous but some have a really strong scent that can possibly make women smell fishy.

What does the idiom 'something is fishy' mean?

Fishy means suspicious. The image is of you smelling a strong odor -- you can sense that something is there, but you can't see it yet. Example: You get an email saying some guy in Nigeria will send you a fortune if you send him money first. You say "There's something fishy about this!"

Do your vingina suppose 2 have a smell?

Yes it's kinda a fishy smell. If it smells like rotten fish though you have a infection.

What does an infection from a tampon feel like?

A vaginal infection as a result of tampon use is no different from any other vaginal infection, most commonly tampons cause bacterial vaginosis which symptoms include a fishy odour and excessive watery discharge.

What to do if your hermit crab smells like dead fish?

If there is a STRONG fishy odor coming from the crab it means that he is dead.

Is there a word to describe something fishy?

The word 'fishy' is the adjective to describe something as fishy.

Do penguins eat meats?

fishy fishy.